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3PL Companies Are Still Fully Operational During This Holiday Season

This is a festive blog about a very special service. It’s December after all, the month when some people around the world trust a guy in a sleigh pulled by magical flying reindeer to deliver their important cargo. For less trusting businesses that would rather count on more traditional shipping options to ensure their products arrive at multiple destinations on time each December, it’s important to know the benefits of using NATS Canada, one of the best shipping companies in Toronto.

Why NATS Canada Is Better Than Santa

There’s no arguing against Santa’s success at logistics. He has been a respected go-to carrier for all kinds of products, he’s never had an accident and his record as an employer is stellar. Additionally, his approval ratings with customers are unusually high – granted, those approvals are annually given by recipients who received exactly what they wanted each December 25th, but isn’t getting exactly what you expect to receive the ultimate measure of a good shipping provider? Let’s be honest here: Santa only has to deliver one day of the year. NATS Canada knows freight shipping in Canada is a 24/7 job 12 months a year regardless of weather. Here’s why NATS Canada is one 3PL provider that knows the importance of being available to clients throughout the holidays.


We’ve already established that Santa’s one-day-a-year kick at the can offers limited appeal to shippers. At NATS Canada, our team of 3PL experts remains available to ensure any new or long-term client has access to the shipping and logistics services they need throughout the holiday season. In times of Covid, it’s more important than ever to be accessible and flexible for clients. Try getting Santa to deliver anything in between Christmas and New Years Eve. As they say on the shipping docks, forget about it…..


Sure, Santa can pack an awful lot into his seemingly bottomless shipping sack. But we’re pretty sure he’s never been asked to ship 90,000 pounds of steel in one shipment. That’s the kind of logistics expertise you get when you contract a professional 3PL provider like NATS Canada.


We admit it. NATS Canada has not been able to arrange 3PL services for companies targeting the Land of Misfit Toys. That’s Santa’s exclusive domain. However, we are the go-to choice for shipping from Canada to the U.S., and we handle all the administrational logistics of shipping loads across an ever-tightening border. With our network of carriers, we can ensure your shipments reach their destinations anywhere in North America.


Why would you trust your valuable shipments to Santa, a guy with a red nose flying high every December. Sure, he can land on a roof, but he couldn’t back up an LTL dry van into a docking bay if his life depended on it. NATS Canada has a sterling reputation because we use companies employing the best drivers on the road.

Get Your Products Delivered Over the Holidays

NATS Canada provides a quick and cost-effective delivery service from Canada to the U.S. and from the U.S. to Canada. To all our customers, clients, partners and fellow 3PL providers, we wish you all a safe and happy holiday season. Even you Santa!

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