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Are Flatbed Trucks Actually Versatile?

For something to be considered truly versatile it has to possess the ability to adapt to many different functions or activities. Let’s consider the flatbed truck. When you focus on its primary purpose – i.e. transporting multiple types of cargo – there’s no other method of ground transportation that allows shippers the flexibility provided by flatbed trucks, especially when it comes to construction equipment transport.

Shippers across North America rely on flatbed shipping companies for multiple reasons. Dry van shipping and refrigerated transport certainly have their place in the menu of services provided by trucking companies and their 3PL counterparts. However, flatbed shipping providers are called on for a truly wide variety of transportation needs. Here are just a few of the industries and reasons why demand on flatbed transport companies is increasing every day.

  • Construction Equipment Shipping: Large, heavy, and often oversized industrial construction equipment has to make its way to job sites in all kinds of locations. Flatbed shipping trucks provide the perfect method, as such equipment often extends beyond the width and length of standard flatbeds. This is also true for shipping oversized components like windmill blades or, if you’re well connected, rocket components for Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos (hey – billionaires have to spend their money somewhere!)
  • Extremely Heavy Loads: Flatbed transport companies are regularly called upon to deliver heavy haul loads like construction vehicles, farm equipment, and heavy machinery. These items are usually too heavy for traditional trucks and often present logistical problems when being transport. Check with your trucking company or 3PL provider to determine the right truck for hauling heavy loads.
  • Maximum Storage Space. When using dry van services you’re dealing with transport options confined by walls and ceiling. Flatbeds can be loaded to maximum capacity whether that means consumer packaged goods, lumber, bricks, or multiple other options. Lots of storage space means maximizing your load which helps to reduce costs.
  • Ship Oddly Shaped and Irregular Loads. It doesn’t matter what shape a load is, an easy-load flatbed truck can accommodate the shipping needs of manufacturers and industrial clients who need to move large objects that aren’t perfectly rectangular. Flatbeds give shippers the freedom to haul almost anything.
  • Flatbeds Are Easier to Load. Items can be placed on a flatbed from the back, from the side, or lowered down from above. No walls and no ceilings mean no constraints. If there’s a gate, items can be rolled up using a forklift or even hand loaded depending on the weight.

Call NATS Canada to Arrange Your Construction Equipment Shipping

At NATS Canada we have over 2,000 flatbed carriers in our system. Our network has proven experience in hauling materials for every industry. We can coordinate all the logistics involved, whether it’s a simple load-and-ship request of a full-on guided load requiring transport escort and route mapping. NATS Canada is one of Canada’s top 3PL providers and we can ensure your load gets delivered safely.

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