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Avoiding the Unknown Cost of LTL Shipments

Everyone expects there to be a cost when contracting services. That is true when you hire a plumber, and it’s true when you’re contracting LTL freight shipping companies. LTL freight shipping can be a cost-effective shipping option for manufacturers and producers looking to move freight. Where problems arise, however, is when there is a significant discrepancy between the estimated costs initially quoted and the actual costs invoiced. Avoiding hidden costs of LTL shipments is vital to keeping costs in line when dealing with LTL trucking companies.

What Is the Origin of Hidden LTL Costs?

Let’s be clear. Costs aren’t really “hidden.” No less than truckload shipping company is out to hide costs from you. All that does is cause frustration and conflict when the time for payment arrives. Extra fees that shippers wind up paying are usually the result of misinformation or a lack of communication about a shipment. Sometimes the additional services necessary for a shipment to make it to its destination are not clearly explained. New shippers in the industry may not always be aware of the intricacies involved in moving goods around the continent. Here are a few of the areas where “hidden” costs might be hiding.

Your Information Is Inaccurate

There is a lot of information related to the shipping of goods, especially when crossing borders. Misinformation is the most common cause of additional costs, because correcting errors can be expensive. Whether you’re the shipper or the receiver, having the wrong information can cause problems. That could include a mislabeled bill of lading, whether that’s an incorrect address of mislabeled shipment, inaccurate description of the goods being shipped, wrong information regarding the dimensions and weight of the shipment, and even leaving out all the related costs of shipping. Charges can vary depending on the depth of the mistake; for example, if a shipment from Toronto meant for Buffalo winds up in Los Angeles, the additional costs are going to higher than if that shipment wound up in Rochester or Hamburg. The importance of double checking all the information related to shipping is abundantly clear.

Lifegate or Remote Access Fees

Liftgate service is an additional service often made available by freight carriers when delivering or picking up the required freight. This usually involves use of a hydraulic lift (the liftgate) built into the back of a carrier. Using the lift gate to raise goods for shipping or lowering for delivery can cost more. The remote access fee is an additional charge for pick up and delivery in an area that is far outside the usual ranger of your carrier. This could be an extremely remote location or as simple as picking up from a private residence. Either way, there could be fees attached for receiving such service.

The Cost of Sorting, Segregating, Packing and Stacking

Some shippers are better than others. Those that don’t properly pack, stack or segregate their freight in the right way could find themselves incurring additional costs. Sorting can be a time bandit for drivers, and time costs money.

Here are some Best Ways to Load Pipes to Proceed for Shipping

Use NATS Canada for Cost Certainty

Google LTL trucking companies near me when in the Toronto area and you’ll discover NATS Canada’s full list of services. Use them to ensure your costs are clearly communicated every time.

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