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Basics of the Canadian Carrier Market For Smooth Cross Border Shipping

There’s a lot more crossing through the Canada/USA border every day other than commuters and smugglers. As friendly partners and collaborators securing the world’s longest land border, both countries are sending and receiving everything from electronics to avocados back and forth 24/7. While both nations ship goods using air, sea, and train, the vast majority of freight arrives in trucks. It’s the reason why it’s important for companies and 3PL providers to know everything they can about shipping from Canada to USA.

Important Facts to Know When Freight Shipping In Canada

Cross border shipping companies are not only responsible for the safe transport of goods between Canada and the USA but also taking care of the vast amounts of administration required to be in compliance with import/export laws and taxation. For that reason, it’s vital for shippers and 3PL service providers to understand the nuances of the carrier market in Canada. Here is a list of some of the basic information carriers should know to ensure an uncomplicated trip shipping from Canada to the USA or vice versa.

  • Canada is a vast area to cover for land transport. As a result, cost structures can be different than in the USA. There is also a greater distance between large Canadian urban centres that could be primary destinations for freight.
  • Despite having a smaller economy, there tends to be more pricing stability in the Canadian market. It is also a highly competitive market with many players in the industry and no real dominant carrier. However, the industry does employ thousands of people. There are over 900,00 for higher common carriers in the USA. There are approximately 88,000 in Canada.
  • The variety of freight carried by cross border shipping companies is vast, with a lot of Canadian freight consisting of raw material and agricultural goods.
  • Efficiency is a key selling feature of Canadian carriers. While rates are important, they are not the driving force of the industry.
  • Rail transportation is a key competitor to trucking in Canada, but can work in tandem through intermodal transport and is a mode of freight transportation that uses a combination of trucks and trains to move shipping containers. Costs of shipping intermodal can be more efficient given the long distances freight often needs to travel. For example, shiploads that arrive in Halifax bound for Winnipeg or Edmonton are good candidates for such methods of transport
  • Rules and regulations differ in each country, so it’s vital for businesses relying on freight shipping in Canada to know the rules. For example, Canadian carriers are allowed to haul heavier loads making truck transport a more efficient option – up to 52,000 pounds on a two-axle trailer compared to 45,500 in the USA.

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NATS Canada is an experienced and respected 3PL with a vast network of carriers able to facilitate your needs when shipping from Canada to the USA.

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