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Dependency of Textile Industry on Logistics

The textile industry in North America is alive and well. That seems counter to the perception that all textiles have moved to foreign markets, particularly India and parts of Asia. From fabrics to medical textiles, these goods are heavily reliant on logistics, which means they’re also heavily reliant on LTL trucking companies.

3PL Providers and Their Importance to the Textile Industry

The compound annual growth rate of the textile industry in North America is estimated to be 3.21 percent higher than forecasted for the period of 2019 through 2024. That’s good news for companies responsible for LTL freight shipping Canada, because they will be responsible for the ground transport of a great volume of those textiles. With such high demand, carrier availability will become an issue. That’s a primary reason why companies involved in the production of these textiles should be proactive and line up a reliable 3PL company that can coordinate the shipping of such a wide variety of products.

A well connected 3PL provider is a great partner for any textile producer or product manufacturer reliant on textiles to ensure these important goods can be shipped. This includes disposable end-use products like absorbent hygiene, wipes, medical and surgical apparel and filtration products, which during a time of crisis such as the Covid19 virus pandemic become vitally important. When it comes to LTL freight shipping Canada NATS Canada becomes an important ally in the fight to ensure necessities get transported nationally and across borders.

Here are some LTL Trucking Benefits to the Textile Industry

Establish a Strong Carrier List to Ensure Products Can Be Shipped

Textiles are more than just shirts and ties, blankets and tapestries. Fabric is used in road construction, erosion control and for landfill containment. Automotive textiles represent the largest market for industrial textiles in the world. The medical textile industry continues to grow with innovative new products. For manufacturers in North America, shipping and receiving is a critical service, and LTL trucking companies are at the leading edge of that service. Developing solid logistics planning is necessary to ensure the free flow of goods to all the necessary markets. When you need to ship less than a full load of freight and want to avoid the cost of a full trailer, LTL is your best option.

Working with a company experienced in coordinating LTL freight shipping Canada can help ensure your needs are met. NATS Canada can help you decide whether or not LTL is your best option for textiles or any other load that requires shipping.

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