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Determine if Blind Drop Shipping is Right for Your Order

As retail changes and ecommerce continues to carve away at bricks and mortal operations, new shipping options are emerging. As a result, wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers and shoppers are having to make choices based on the best option for their needs. One popular option continues to be blind drop shipping, a process made possible with the help of trucking companies in Mississauga.

What Is Blind Drop Shipping?

For businesses looking to improve distribution and maximize profit margins, blind drop shipping is an option often requested of trucking companies in Canada. The purpose of blind drop shipping is to protect the rights of the business owner shipping goods; by contracting providers of blind drop shipping, you prevent your suppliers from taking the shipping information you provide to then go and directly contact your customers. It offers several advantages for retail businesses because it helps mitigate the risk of your suppliers trying to steal your customers. When blind drop shipping, the shippers address and even company name are hidden from the other party. No information about the distributor of manufacturer is available to the supplier.

Blind drop shipping is a great tool for businesses that regularly contract trucking companies in Ontario for “less than truckload” (LTL) shipments. A shipper would work with the freight forwarder to remove the “bill of lading” once the shipment has been properly processed by customs. Once that happens, a blind packing slip is affixed to the shipment so that the original supplier’s information is no longer accessible. In double blind shipment, the freight forwarder substitutes a fake final address to the supplier, ensuring that the shipment’s origin and final destination are known only to the shipper and contracted freight forwarder.

As trucking companies in Mississauga know, blind drop shipping is different from simple drop shipping, which is most often used by retail businesses that don’t want to incur the cost of warehousing their products. With drop shipping, retailers take the orders and given them to the manufacturer, who in turn shipping products directly to the customers.

Here are some measures that trucking companies take to avoid accidents during delivery

What Are the Benefits of Blind Drop Shipping?

Reducing supply chain problems and protecting your client list are two of the primary benefits of blind drop shipping. In today’s competitive and volatile retail market you need to do everything you can to maintain competitive advantage. Working with trucking companies in Ontario and the 3PL companies that help connect them to your business is critical when it comes to implementing customer protection strategies like blind drop shipping.

Regardless of what type of shipping you’re trying to contract, working with NATS Canada can help you get the best option along with professional customer service from a company with a reputation for excellence. NATS Canada deals with the leading trucking companies in Canada as part of our huge network of carriers across the continent. From flatbed and dry van needs to fulfilling all the administration requirements of cross border shipping, NATS Canada does it all.

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