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Drug Manufacturers Can Make Compliance Easier by Working with 3PL Companies

In a time of medical crisis caused by a sweeping international pandemic, demands on the pharmaceutical industry increase as people demand everything from sanitizer to quick access to prescription medicines. For drug manufacturers that need partners with infallible security and traceability, it’s important for the shipping of their products to be handled by trusted logistics companies in Canada.

Ensuring Secure Safety Compliance for Drug Manufacturers

One of the biggest challenges for drug companies is dealing with the risks associated with counterfeiting, contamination and, in times of crisis manufactured by viruses like COVID-19, shortages of product as a result of compromised supply chains. Logistics companies in Mississauga and other places across the country become invaluable partners in ensuring supply-chains remain active and reliable. Working with 3PL providers can help ease the challenges associated with compliance for drug manufacturers in Canada in a number of ways. For starters, it’s important to choose a 3PL provider with a reputation for high standards of compliance and reliability, especially as they relate to regulations laid out by Health Canada. Here are a few reasons why working with qualified 3PL providers helps drug companies with their compliance concerns:

  • When working with logistics companies in Ontario, drug companies will get connected to shipping partners with the appropriate technology required for shipping medications. This could include refrigeration equipment and teams well-trained in loading and unloading goods requiring special handling to be in compliance. This best-in-class technology ensures loads are properly handled. Drug companies can also take advantage of LTL shipping to save money.
  • For manufacturers, outsourcing their 3PL needs is a much more cost effective business descision that investing in the necessary human and physical resources to effectively manage shipping. Like the medical profession itself, it’s better to let specialists do what they do best – you wouldn’t ask a GP to conduct a heart transplant, so why ask your medical staff to handle logistics, especially when critical pharmaceuticals are involved.
  • Logistics companies in Canada used to dealing with cross border transport have the necessary experience and expertise with regulations related to international trade. A well-established 3PL provider will be able to maneuver the often difficult waters that come with dealing with regulatory agencies. They will have also developed the relationships with individuals within those agencies that can help smooth things over.
  • Experience with drug manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and other medical suppliers means 3PL providers can proactively manage any concerns and mitigate risk by virtue of having dealt with similar clients.

How 3PL Providers Help Manufacturers Minimize Transportation and Warehouse Costs.

Trust NATS Canada for 3PL Needs Across Canada and USA

As one of the leading logistics companies in Canada, NATS Canada has facilitated shipping needs for many FDA approved products including food and dry goods. The team at NATS Canada can ensure proper documentation is presented, handle all border clearing methods and stay on top of all new regulatory and compliance requirements. Learn more about what NATS Canada can do for your company.

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