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Eliminating International Shipping Hiccups: A Guide

Generally speaking, typical hiccups happen when your diaphragm spams, causing it and the muscles between your ribs to suddenly contract, rapidly pulling air into the lungs. Shipping hiccups, on the other hand, happen when you’re trying to ship internationally but you’re either doing it yourself or working with a team of incompetent or inexperienced shippers. The best way to eliminate international shipping hiccups is by ensuring you’re using only the best international shipping companies in Canada.

How Can International Shipping Companies Help You Avoid Problems

Anything done internationally creates the need for organized logistics. It’s why international logistics companies exist – to help facilitate shipping needs for people who don’t do it professionally or who need help to get it done right. From customs to taxation to international laws, shipping to and from foreign counties adds a considerable amount of work to the process. Here are some of the things that can be done to make it easier to execute.

  • Work with a 3PL or carrier with a vast network of professional shipping partners. Not all carriers are created equal. Some specialize in shipping internationally; those shippers would already be well-versed in the nuances of international shipping. Laws changes, rules change, process changes. Pick the carrier that offers the most direct shipping program; if they’re partnering with a third party, find out who they are and what their track record is for clean, no hiccup shipping.
  • Take responsibility for your own shipment. You need to know everything that’s in your shipment is what you put in there. Other countries are not kind to those who attempt to slip things into their country. Safe packing of your shipment, whether in a box or strapped to a pallet, is instrumental to avoiding problems. You’ll also have to be sure your shipping labels are accurate and properly attached to each shipment. Labels should be easily accessed by customs officials and any other person responsible for approving the shipment.
  • File all documents properly. You never know when a customs official is having a bad day. You don’t want to give such officials any reason to stop your shipment from crossing the border. Your customs or commercials invoice has to be 100 percent accurate to match what’s in the shipment – otherwise, it may not make it. Names, addresses, destinations, values – this is all requisite information. Providing an accurate packing list is also a good idea. This list allows officials to inspect your cargo in an expedited fashion.
  • Always work with a professional, well-respected customs broker. Administrative processes change frequently, so using a busy customs broker who is on top of all current regulatory information is worth the extra money.

NATS Canada is connected to the best international shipping companies in Canada. As a professional 3PL provider, we have the network and the experience to get the job done right. Call us first regardless of the size or value of your shipment.

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