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Factors That Impact the Pricing & Capacity of the Trucking Industry

The law of supply and demand has always been a simple way to explain the relationship between the price of a good, product, or service and the price people are willing to pay for it.
Factors that impact pricing in the trucking industry and the capacity it has to handle the work that surfaces throughout the year are varied. Here are a few of the factors affecting trucking companies in Ontario.

What Is It You’re Moving Via Ground Transportation?

Whether you’re working with various 3PL companies in Ontario or booking direct, one of the first things that impacts pricing and capacity is the product you’re hoping to ship. If you’re a shipper looking to move reefer or dry van freight, there are peak periods throughout the year that may affect availability. Truckloads of air conditioners, for example, are not a big drain on capacity during December in Sudbury, for example. Logistics companies in Canada can inform you on the various peak seasons for goods that require shipping.

When Are You Hoping to Ship?

In the prime summer months, household goods are in high demand across the continent. For dry van capacity, this is an exceptional busy period. End of school and vacation season put higher demands on consumer and household goods, meaning trucking companies in Ontario and other provinces have busy shipping schedules. Certain trailers may be harder to find and qualified drivers are usually booked solid. Ample advance planning is required to ensure you have access to the shipping you need.

Multiple Industries Are Targeting Open-Deck Trailers

Construction companies need to move large vehicles. Industrial companies need to move large parts and machinery. Lumber companies are looking to move entire forests down to lumber mills. The demand for open-deck trailers from April through until October is huge. Large loads with weight limits and over-sized materials target open deck trailers. In addition, escort teams are often required to move such loads. Demand across the industry is high and shippers and 3PLs are working at full capacity.

There Are Multiple Harvest Seasons

Food gets shipped north from Mexico and the United States year-round. Depending on the crop, the harvest puts high demand on dry vans and refrigerated vans throughout the year. Many southern and coastal states require a huge shipping capacity for their consumable fruits and vegetables. Farmers need to move their livestock products as well. North America is a hotbed for reefer and dry van services most days; harvest adds additional burden on the system, especially for perishable goods that have a limited window of time for transport.

Think NATS CANADA When Looking for Trucking Companies in Ontario

NATS Canada offers top quality 3PL services throughout the year. Our network of carriers allows us to mitigate capacity issues no matter what the load or time of year.

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