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Five Ways to Ensure Safety While Transporting Heavy Machinery to Construction Sites

Hauling heavy loads across great distances on busy North American highways and byways takes skill. Ensuring it is done safely is critical to commuters as well as both the construction industry and any third party logistics company responsible for arranging such deliveries. Here are simple tactics used by NATS Canada that can be embraced by 3PLs and dry van companies.

Safe Ways to Haul Heavy Construction Equipment

Let’s start with the equipment 3PLs and dry van trucking companies might contract to haul construction equipment. When it comes to moving excavators, loaders, dozers, wheel loaders backhoes and rough terrain cranes, it’s important to use the right trailer for the job. Flatbed trailers are best suited for delivering such large, cumbersome and heavy machinery to the job site. For that matter, they’re also best for hauling materials like lumber or large pre-fabricated pieces as well. Flatbed trainers have a level surface, making it much easier for loading and offloading. Although they do not drop down, flatbeds provide a versatile and safe option.

A qualified 3PL can determine what equipment is best. The next critical component of safe heavy equipment hauling is to ensure due diligence is done when conducting all the necessary safety checks. No dry van truckload or trailer should ever roll out of the yard without thorough and comprehensive safety checks completed by trained professionals. There is zero margin for error when it comes to safety for rigs hauling heavy loads on public roadways. The third safety component is the drivers who are ultimately responsible for guiding these heavy construction loads to their ultimate destinations. A driver must be vigilant, self-aware and cautious when sliding in behind the wheel of a load weighing thousands of kilograms. Not only does a driver have to ensure his or her own safety, but also the safety of other drivers on the road. A fourth key safety component when hauling heavy machinery to construction sites is understanding the special requirements of the job site. That means a 3PL company should consult with the company requiring the equipment to ensure the right equipment is being sent, and so the trailer hauling the equipment can safely access the job site. Finally, ensuring any load is properly secured in a manner that exceeds industry standards is the best way to ensure safe transport.

Trust Nats Canada for Safe Hauling

NATS is a leading Flatbed Transportation Service Provider offering end to end ground transportation and supply chain solutions through an extensive network of carriers and trucking services.

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