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Flatbed Carriers: A Popular Transportation Choice

Goods, gear, machinery, packages, parts, and equipment – so many different shipments travel the roadways that zigzag across North America. A number of different transportation options are available to shippers, but by far the most versatile when it comes to logistics and transportation choices are flatbed trailers. Refrigerated goods require refrigerated transport, delicate items that require protection from the elements require dry van transport; however, for shipments that don’t fit within the dimensions of standard truck trailers, the flatbed is the obvious choice for 3PL providers responsible for flatbed trucking.

Flatbed Trucking Companies in Toronto Rely on Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed freight shipping is the backbone of the North American shipping industry. It plays a crucial role in maintaining supply chains for multiple industries and consumer groups. Flatbed trucking carriers provide safe, efficient transportation of all matter of goods to all parts of Canada and the United States. A qualified 3PL provider would regularly rely on a vast network of flatbed trucking companies in Toronto and across the country to provide flexible, professional shipping services.

For more complex jobs including over-dimensional freight like construction equipment, mining machinery, and huge industrial components like windmill blades, tubing, and steel, flatbed carriers provide the most obvious choice. Transporting such materials via flatbed trucking is not as simple as hiring an experienced driver. Hauling an oversized load along the high-volume North American transport corridors shared with daily commuters often requires a huge team of drivers to escort such vehicles. A 3PL provider tasked with facilitating an oversized load via flatbed would also have to engage routing experts, safety experts, loading and unloading experts and possibly customs experts at the border to safely and properly deliver such freight to its destination.

Flatbed trucking units can accommodate loads of up to 48,000 pounds (approx. 21,775kg) and lengths of up to 53 feet (approx. 16m). This enables them to accommodate a variety of oversized loads with awkward dimensions and unique requirements when it comes to shipping. Flatbeds allow for easier loading whether from a dock or away from one; cargo can be loaded from all sides or lowered by cranes if required. Such loads require strict adherence to protocols that govern safety, with proper strapping methods a key element to ensuring any such load is in compliance when rolling down public roads and highways. Flatbed trucking platforms are designed without walls and can come with ramps that allow easy loading and unloading of vehicles and construction equipment or packaging that is being loaded with forklifts.

There are a variety of styles of flatbed trucking trailers that make them such a popular and versatile option. These include lowboy or double drop trailers that are most commonly used for heavy industrial equipment headed to farms or industrial job sites.

Let NATS Canada Help You Find the Right Trailer for Your Needs

NATS Canada is an experienced 3PL provider with vast experience in facilitating flatbed trucking projects for multiple clients. Let us help you find the right trailer for your shipping needs. Learn more about NATS Canada’s menu of services.

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