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How 3PL Companies Are Mitigating the Impact of Coronavirus on Supply Chains

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany said it. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said it. Responsible leaders of nations around the world receptive to medical facts are saying it: to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus a.k.a. Covid-19, it’s going to take a concerted effort of people in all industries working together and taking the proper precautionary steps. When it comes to keeping supply chains open, that means a global effort from international logistics companies.

Mitigating Covid-19 Impact on Supply Chains

Like any Canadian 3PL company used to collaborating with partners, international freight companies like NATS Canada have to take proactive steps to deal with the rising crisis. International shipping companies in Canada are an essential service, helping to keep supply chains open and ensuring critically important CPGs, medical supplies and other freight leaves the dock and makes it to its eventual destination. What does mean internally to a 3PL freight company like NATS Canada?

For starters, NATS Canada is stepping up its communications with clients and suppliers. The team at NATS Canada is monitoring, tracking and updating clients on the latest regulations and changes to the industry that have been implemented quickly as a direct result of Covid-19 mitigation strategies. This should be the primary focus of all international logistics companies still operating during this crisis. Making a commitment to handle any and all freight slated for transport across North America and its rapidly restricted border access means adapting and altering process.

Thankfully, NATS Canada’s biggest advantage is that even with the new regulations, the company can still operate in much the same fashion as it always has with one important caveat: putting the health and safety of drivers travelling through zones of high-contamination above all else. Like nurses, doctors and other front line workers, competent truck drivers play a vital role in helping ensure supply chains remain opens, and implementing safety measures to limit their exposure is necessary.

Using a Trusted Carrier Helps Limit Supply Chain Distruption

Reliable ground transportation companies are an essential service, and the partner carriers NATS Canada relies on are part of a national network being fully mobilized to ensure packaged goods and supplies get through without disruption.

With years of experience in 3PL services, NATS Canada remains confident in its ability to continue to move products and help companies keep their doors open. There’s never been a more important time to be partnered with one of Canada’s most trusted supply chain logistics companies.

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