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How 3PL Providers Help Manufacturers Minimize Transportation and Warehouse Costs

Minimizing costs while maximizing profit is a goal of every manufacturer. One area to target to reap such savings is in the transportation and warehousing of your manufactured goods. A good strategy to help manufacturers minimize these substantial expenses is to partner with one of the experienced 3PL companies in Canada.

5 Ways 3PL Companies Can Help Minimize Transport and Warehouse Costs

Finding an edge as a manufacturer is critical to success. Manufacturing is highly competitive regardless of the products you produce and the industry you are targeting. Good 3PL providers in Ontario understand the needs of customers looking for services that can help them improve their supply chain management. Here are a few ways a 3PL provider like NATS Canada can help manufacturers:

  1. Getting Products Where They Need To Be Faster: manufacturers who delegate routing to someone in the company who is not an expert in proper routing management is a bad idea. Routing is critical, and so is finding the right carrier for a specific route. Whether it’s across Canada or across North America, routing management can help improve cost effectiveness and help businesses meet their customer demands as efficiently as possible.
  2. Reducing Shipping Costs: a good 3PL company can help reduce shipping costs through a variety of ways. From proper freight scheduling to better administration, using an experienced 3PL provider can help a manufacturer reduce payroll costs, benefits and insurance costs that come with having staff on payroll to do these jobs. A 3PL provider can help manage fleets to allow manufacturers to focus more on reducing the cost of shipping products to vendors.
  3. Efficient Auditing of Freight Bills: your 3PL provider should be able to assist you with freight auditing services. This eliminates the need for the company accountant to spend excessive amounts of time auditing freight invoices. This will help manufacturers get maximum value for their transportation and warehousing needs.
  4. Consolidation of Invoices: most credible 3PL providers in Canada can provide proper invoice consolidation services. This makes the payment system much more efficient and can often help extend payment terms to suit the company’s cash flow.
  5. Better Customer Service: taking responsibility for the transportation and warehousing of a manufacturer’s products is what 3PL companies in Ontario do best. A 3PL provider manages all aspects of supply chains, inventory shipping and warehousing to ensure customers get their orders when they are supposed to get them. They also strive to fulfill their 3PL duties in the most cost effective way possible.

Trust Nats Canada for 3PL Services

When operating in Ontario simply search 3PL companies near me to find NATS Canada. We are a full service supply chain management company with a vast network of carriers across North America. Discover their full menu of 3PL services today.

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