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How 5G Will Influence the Logistics and Transportation Industry

Successful 3PL logistics companies that outsource elements of their distribution, warehousing and fulfillment services appreciate speed, especially when it comes to flatbed trucking in logistics industry. Developing a network of reliable carriers who employ top-notch drivers allows 3PL companies to keep clients happy. When it comes to the speed of wireless technology used to carry out business, 5G is going to have dramatic impact on 3PL companies that utilize flatbed trucking companies in Ontario.

Three Big Impacts of 5G on Logistics and Trasportation

Despite fears about 5G technology given China’s goal of using it to become a global technology leader, there is probably no stopping 5G services becoming available to North American digital consumers. The wireless technology is apparently up to 100 times faster than standard use 4G technology, and that will have an enormous impact in our homes, our offices and on the road as it is incorporated into the tech systems of flatbed transport companies. While there are multiple applications  and transportation methods where it could affect the operations of flatbed transportation carriers, here’s where 5G in logistics and transportation could have the biggest impacts:

    • Automation: in future, 5G could help speed up the full integration of self-piloted vehicles. Fleet managers empowered with advanced technology could manage fleets while making real-time on-road decisions that allow them to increase efficiency and competitiveness. While safety concerns will always be an issue, elements of automation like onboard safety software could help reduce the effects of human error and driver fatigue.
    • Communication and Supply Chain: 5G will immediately revolutionize the speed at which people communicate on the road. Reductions in poor service areas and improvements in online efficiency will mean instant increase in information and data sharing. Communicating directly with fleets will improve, and the integration of 5G with AI technology will further affect safety, security and logistics management.
    • Regulatory compliance and vehicle tracking: Fleets using 4G devices may have to undergo upgrades, as 5G integration changes regulations and makes things like electronic logging devices necessary for compliance. It will also improve real-time tracking even in remote locations.

5G Technology Impact on 3PL Industry

Flatbed trucking companies in Ontario will have to integrate 5G technology to remain competitive in 5G transportation industry. Business will benefit from faster speeds and greater connectivity, but companies will need to be diligent in training staff who are equally up to speed of a future logistics company. It may be a temporary moot point: reports say it will cost trillions of dollars to ensure widespread coverage of 5G networks. This is how 5g will improve shipping industry.  When you require a 3PL company that’s fast on customer satisfaction, call NATS Canada.

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