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How a 3PL Can Make LTL Trucking Easier for You

You’ve got a load of goods you want delivered. Unfortunately, the size of the load won’t fill an entire truck – in other words, you’re looking at your less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping options. No company with a fiscally responsibly mind-set wants to pay full freight costs for half a load. That’s why using an experienced 3PL provider can help connect you with the right LTL trucking companies.

Partner with the Right 3PL Provider and Save

It would be great if every shipment your company had to make required a full truck. However, less than truckload shipping is often necessary, and that can present challenges. Not all shipping companies in Toronto are available for LTL shipments, especially in high volume periods when shipping is in high demand. Third part logistics providers can make things easier by managing your warehousing and shipping. A 3PL provider like NATS Canada, for example, can coordinate all aspects of your LTL needs, from picking up your product to warehousing it to taking care of your freight schedules. It’s a great way to reduce the stress surrounding the coordination of LTL freight.

So what causes the stress around less than truckload shipping? There are always concerns that products will be damaged: for some reason, those fears increase with LTL loads, possibly because LTL loads tend to be handled more during shipping. More movement results in more risk. This makes the packing of LTL loads especially important. Proper packing can help reduce the risks of damage to LTL loads. There are also concerns that LTL loads won’t arrive according to the pre-arranged schedule. Not all companies will guarantee a delivery time for LTL loads; to pay for guaranteed delivery means increased cost. By using a respected and experienced 3PL provider like NATS Canada, you are working with a company plugged into the latest best practices in shipping. That includes use of the lasted software and management systems that help streamline process to make the shipping of your LTL goods more efficient. A well-connected 3PL provider will have access to a national network of carriers that could help them take advantage of volume discounts, passing those savings on to you when you’re in need of less than truckload shipping. Trying to book direct with LTL trucking companies may wind up costing you more money than the cost you would pay using NATS Canada 3PL services.

NATS Canada Works with You to Meet Your Needs

At NATS Canada, approximately 50 percent of the goods being moved are through LTL orders. Their team will work directly with customers to decide what’s best for their needs. NATS Canada never diverts loads – they simply provide all the available options to allow the customer to decide what’s best for their shipping requirements. NATS Canada focuses on helping customers grow their business while providing the best possible options to move goods and save money. When looking for shipping companies in Toronto, think NATS Canada. Learn more about the LTL services provided by NATS Canada.

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