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How a Good 3PL Leads to Innovation in Shipping

Not all manufacturers and retailers have the internal capacity to handle shipping requirements. Shipping is not something that can be handled off the side of the desk of the accountant or the marketing director. It’s a vital cog in the wheel driving the organization. Sometimes it’s necessary to outsource distribution, whether to save money or to ensure it’s done properly. That’s why many organizations turn to competent 3PL companies in Canada.

There are multiple reasons why a manufacturer should consider partnering with logistics companies in Canada. Tapping into the technology 3PL companies in Canada often possess is one good reason; greater flexibility and risk mitigation are other important reasons. A top notch 3PL provider like NATS Canada will also have access to a vast network of trucking companies in Canada to help ensure businesses of all sizes can reap the benefits of full load and less that load options.

3PL innovation has helped ensure supply chains remained active during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are multiple examples of areas in shipping with 3PL innovation has helped reshape the industry:

  • Warehouse automation and distribution
  • Increased use of robotics in supply chain automation
  • Better labour practices
  • Strong networks of trucking companies in Canada


NATS Canada drives the innovation by trying to stay on top of the needs and requirements of our clients. Customers ask for warehousing – so we bought a warehouse. Customers asks for detailed reporting – we provide that to them. We are most proud of our ability to customize and offer our clients exactly what they need. Innovation in not limited to automation. By incorporating cutting edge technologies, we can also enhance use of current data to streamline operations and provide more efficient service than other 3PL companies in Canada. For example, by giving shippers real-time information and reporting we can help them make smarter decisions about inventory, packaging, and transportation strategies that lead to efficiencies and cost-savings. Innovation can be applied to every aspect of logistics and shipping to improve process and streamline operations.

Innovation can be a game changer for any business or industry. At its most effective, innovation leads to better service for customers, and that helps 3PL companies in Canada retain loyal clients even through tough stretches like a pandemic. Incorporating strategies that include innovative ideas helps fuels positive change, which can definitely improve the overall culture of any organization. It’s important for 3PL companies to invest the time it takes to understand customer needs, then to look for engineering and technology that can help ensure they can meet those customers needs. The evolution of supply chain logistics is never-ending, and only those logistics companies in Canada that are constantly improving will be able to meet the needs of manufacturers and retailers in the future. NATS Canada is always on the cutting-edge of innovation. We have established a strong reputation across North America.

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