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How Are 3PL Companies Beneficial to the Medical Industry

There are a lot of different products flowing through the supply chain. The pharmaceutical industry is one shipping sector where strict protocols must be in place when it comes to transporting drugs and medicines. To ensure safety, it’s important for medical companies to work only with experienced shippers like NATS Canada, one of the top 3PL companies in Toronto.

Why 3PL Companies in Ontario Are Important to the Medical Industry

Working with 3PLS can make compliance easier for drug manufacturers. First of all, logistics companies in Canada understand the importance of security and traceability when it comes to medical manufacturers and pharma companies. Imagine, for example, if shipments of COVID-19 vaccines were being transported by Uber drivers or local cab companies? That would not only be a logistical nightmare, but the risk of contamination would be astronomical.

Transporting medicines requires expertise. Some pharmaceuticals need special handling and/or refrigeration. Not all 3PL companies in Toronto have the experience our team at NATS Canada has to ensure strict compliance with rules surrounding the transportation of these products. To be an effective partner in the healthcare supply chain, a 3PL has to be able to source the appropriate carrier, hold them accountable for on-time pick up and delivery, and be available 24/7 for customer service. Only providers who can guarantee such service will be considered reliable 3PL partners.

Working with the best logistics companies in Canada is the only sure way for medical suppliers to ensure their products are being handled properly. Here are a few other ways 3PL companies in Ontario can be beneficial to the medical industry:

  • Credible 3PL providers have access to networks of carriers that have invested in the technology required to safely handle medical truckloads. Whether than means refrigerated units or dry vans that have incorporated specialized equipment to handle delicate medical loads, 3PL providers can draw from a variety of partners to ensure medical loads are matched with the best possible carriers. Companies considering shipping their own products would have to invest significant amounts of money into purchasing such equipment, which makes 3PL providers a more affordable option.
  • Outsourcing shipping to 3PLs is a way for small-scale manufacturers to keep their operations cost-effective. Partnering with well-connected 3PL companies in Toronto like NATS Canada allows small and mid-sized companies to focus more on product development than on the logistics involved in getting those products to clients across the country and across North America. Medicines and pharmaceutical products have limited shelf lives so contracting shipping services with a 3PL means quick attention will be paid to getting those products in the hands of wholesalers, retailers, and ultimately, customers.
  • 3PLs that work regularly with companies that specialize in health products ensure due diligence is maintained when it comes to regulatory and safety compliance. In order to continue catering to their client base, such 3PLs handling medical products invest the money in the plans, staffing, processes, and resources necessary to stay on top of changes in the industry. It’s just good business.

Connect with NATS Canada to Move Your Medical Goods

Our team at NATS Canada has the experience and expertise necessary to provide the best 3PL services possible.

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