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How Do Businesses Often Fall in Trouble While Shipping Beyond Canada

As the title of the classic movie suggests, it’s a mad mad mad world! When you’re operating a business and trying to ship goods from Canada to international destinations, it can be enough to drive anyone mad. Borders, tariffs, changing governments, political pandering and ever-shifting regulations make shipping a challenge for even the best 3PL companies when shipping from Canada to the USA.

Luckily, as one of the best shipping companies in Toronto, NATS Canada knows the mistakes businesses can make when shipping beyond Canada. The trade relationship between Canada and the U.S. is well know. Canada’s overall trade with the U.S. is around 60 percent. Even with the challenges of the new NAFTA agreement, Canadian cross border shipping companies are busy helping businesses ship beyond our borders. However, there are still issues to address if you don’t want to fail in your shipping efforts.

  • One of the biggest challenges when shipping from Canada to the USA is inexperienced customs brokers processing your shipments. Inspections are unavoidable; however, if a customs broker doesn’t know all the nuances involved in shipping your particular type of freight, it can cause delays. Delays are never good for the reputation of 3PL companies in Canada. Whether you’re shipping agricultural goods or CPGs, an experienced customs broker can make all the difference.
  • Improper or inadequate documentation is another big roadblock to trouble-free shipping across the border. Statistics show that 35% of drivers arrive at primary inspection with incomplete or erroneous paperwork. No shipment is getting across an international border if the paperwork is not in order. Even with the advent of digital integration into the processes, there are still mistakes. No system is infallible. However, as one of the best shipping companies in Toronto, NATS Canada takes the time to ensure the right documents accompany the shipment. It’s the best way to ensure businesses aren’t failing at shipping.
  • It helps to plan ahead. If you’re running a 3PL operation that regularly deals with same day, cross border services, you’re going to hit roadblocks. Planning is critical so the pressure doesn’t mount to get things across the border in a rushed fashion. Create solid processes that help ensure your shipments are scheduled in a much more efficient fashion.
  • Great drivers provide great services. If the drivers you’re using to haul freight don’t have their passports up to date, they’re going to be turned back. If they have criminal records, or a long history of border infractions, they may be immediately disqualified from crossing any border. The U.S. border is particularly tough on drivers with drug convictions, even if it’s for a misdemeanor pot charge from 30 years ago. If it’s hiding in the system, it’s going to turn up eventually depending on how strict the conditions are at the border. Qualified drivers are the lifeblood of the 3PL industry for cross border shipping companies, so it’s vital to have a vast network of exceptional driver to avoid the risks and reduce delays at the border.
  • Having the right accounting software that works in both the US and Canada is also an important thing to consider. Businesses shipping freight have to consider the taxman on both sides of the border.

As a 3PL company, NATS Canada strives to avoid issues by choosing only reputable carriers with who we’ve enjoyed a long and successful history.

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