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How Flatbed Companies Can Help Ensure Employee Satisfaction

A happy employee is a productive employee – that’s a rather basic principle of the workplace. Whether it’s high wages, a great benefit plan, workplace autonomy or feeling valued in your role, happiness means different things to different people. When it comes to truckers, there are a variety of different things that would help ensure employee satisfaction. Here are a few of the most common things that employees would like to receive when employed at flatbed transportation companies.

Give Them the Things They Need to Deal with Life on the Road

Hauling and shipping companies know that driver retention is a major issue. Taking care of flatbed transport drivers is vital to lowering those attrition rates and keeping drivers happy. Life on the road can be stressful, so flatbed transportation carriers should adopt simple proactive measures designed to make life easier. For example, all trucks owned by flatbed transportation companies should ensure that basic needs are provided for, including such things as first aid kits, comfortable quarters for resting, per diems for food, and realistic schedules that don’t burn drivers out and put them at risk. Drivers are valuable assets and should be treated as such; finding the low-cost solutions to keep them happy is simply smart business for flatbed transportation companies.

Provide All Staff with the Support Required to Succeed in Their Roles

Like any industry, flatbed transport employees need support from their employer to carry out their responsibilities in the most effective and efficient manner. That requires flatbed transportation companies to provide a wide range of beneficial programs, including diversity and equity training that complies with provincial and federal standards, proper healthcare and mental health check-ins, proper insurance and perhaps even financial plans like pension matching or RSP contribution plans. Providing the tools to help employees succeed outside of the job is what makes employees satisfied with the time they give to their jobs. All these efforts go a long way to improving the way employees look at their employers.

Setting Achievable Milestones for Drivers and Other Staff

A top-down management strategy is never going to result in satisfied employees at all levels. Getting drivers and support staff involved in the decision making process, strategic planning, and the establishment of things like driver routes and compensation packages allows staff to have some skin in the game. It’s important to feel like your opinion matters, so allowing employees to be heard is critical for those drivers who spend a lot of time along just thinking about their jobs. If they’re happy, those thoughts will always be more productive.

Drives Are an Essential Service – Pay Them What They’re Worth

The pandemic demonstrated the important role flatbed transportation carriers play in the supply chain. With a looming driver shortage, it’s important to increase compensation so that skilled drivers stay in the industry.

At NATS Canada, we work with a network of successful carriers across the continent. Success is built on keeping their employees satisfied. We also strive to keep our customers satisfied with exceptional 3PL services.

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