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How Flatbed Trucks Can be Used for Various Purposes

Versatility is an exceptionally helpful quality. It’s a great characteristic to see in an athlete, a tradesperson, an appliance, or a piece of clothing. In the trucking, shipping, and logistics industry, versatility is also vitally important in trucks. And there’s no more versatile vehicle than the ones used to accommodate flatbed trucking.

5 Ways Flatbed Trucking Companies In Ontario Use Flatbed Trucks.

Flatbed trucks are the workhorses of the trucking industry. Multiple businesses and industries rely on their versatility to move goods, materials, and equipment. From local construction companies to mining conglomerates to retailers receiving shipments of lumber and drywall, there’s no end to companies that work with 3PL providers to source out the appropriate flatbed trucking services. Here’s five common ways that flatbed trucking companies in Ontario utilize flatbeds to fill their needs.

1. Moving Materials for Construction Companies

Building materials are large, heavy, and often bulky. That could mean pre-assembled roofing joist, large shipments of drywall, piping for subdivision infrastructure, scaffolding – if it’s being used for construction, chances are it’s not possible to ship in a dry van. Flatbed trucks offer many benefits, including ease in loading and unloading. That’s critical when you’re wheeling a forklift containing skids of tightly packed bricks or cement fixtures. Even for oversized and oddly shaped loads, the flatbed delivers an amazing performance.

2. From Machinery to Components, Flatbed Trucking Services Rule

A big mining truck is not something you can simply roll up the highway to get to its destination. However, you can when it’s loaded onto a flatbed. Moving large pieces of vital construction and service equipment is done in a safe and efficient manner when a flatbed is involved. There might be an escort required, but that’s just part of standard safety compliance. Tractors, backhoes, excavators and more are most often transported on a flatbed.

3. The Dirt on Flatbeds and Why Landscapers Love Them

Every spring in Ontario there’s a parade of flatbed trucks rolling through various cities, headed to residential addresses carrying things like “big yellow bags of dirt,” large trees, lumber, aggregates and more. People love to landscape, and those without a truck or trailer rely heavily on the versatility of flatbed trucks to get their dirt in time for spring planting. Flatbed trucking is critical to landscapers to help get their materials to do the job.

4. Transporting Scrap

It could come from job sites. It could come from large home renovation projects. It could come from highway construction or municipally funded projects to improve amenities in town. When large misshapen scrap and other junk materials need to be transported, it’s usually flatbed trucking fleets carrying the load.

5. Farmers Flat Out Prefer This Truck

From equipment to bales of hay, farmers utilize flatbed trucking for many of the same reasons other industries do. They just make things easier.

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