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How Logistics Specialists Help Transport Construction Equipment

The manufacturing of large-scale construction equipment is not an industry available in every country. Vehicular and equipment manufacturing requires incredible technology, appropriate infrastructure, and competent labour. Transporting such large pieces of industrial equipment also takes specialized expertise. It’s why there are very few companies able to handle the logistics involved in national or international construction equipment transport.

How Do You Get a Crawler Crane from One Place to Another?

The Liebherr LR 13000 Crawler Crane can hoist the equivalent of 30 blue whales – an approximate load of 3000 tons. Unfortunately, not many transportation options can accommodate such massive construction equipment shipping. Even freight transportation companies that are equipped to handle oversized and heavy loads would have a hard time handling the transportation of a Liebherr crane across the country. Simply put, it presents some challenges. That said, somebody has to do it, and there are logistics specialists that can ship construction equipment and machinery from Canada using ports like Montreal, Halifax and Toronto. It does require a thorough understanding of the process and proper equipment.

Most construction equipment is shipped internationally on roll-on/roll-off vessels. This is the most convenient option for large-size equipment like excavators, motor graders, heavy haul trucks, or even mining excavators. For truly super-sized equipment like a super-dozer or a Bagger bucket-wheel excavator, other options must be considered. For example, any large-scale construction equipment able to be dismantled can be properly loaded into an appropriate container and shipped to customers in North America or other markets. A 3PL company like NATS Canada can search through our network of carriers to find a company that can handle dismantling and shipping requirements.

For smaller standard construction equipment, there are many flatbed transport companies that can handle high-difficultly transportation of construction equipment. However, our team at NATS Canada is a leading provider of safe, reliable and cost-effective transport services. We follow a strict process in order to accommodate clients moving construction equipment:

  • We begin with the right trailer for heavy hauling. That could mean a standard flatbed trailer, lowboy trailer, step-deck or gooseneck trailer. The right trailer is critical for safe construction equipment transport.
  • We always ensure we are in compliance with governing safety regulations. It’s not only for the benefit of our clients, but also the reputation of our company. We want to provide safe, economic transport options for construction equipment shipping.
  • We follow the necessary procedures required to properly secure construction machinery prior to being shipped. Accidents are a series of careless mistakes. No one wants to endure the consequences that arise when there’s an accident involving an oversized load of heavy construction equipment.

Here is Securing Your Steel Loads Safely on Flatbed

Trust NATS Canada to Handle Construction Equipment Shipping Logistics

NATS Canada is a leading flatbed transportation service provider. We offer end to end ground transportation of all kinds of loads including construction equipment. Trust your heavy haul shipping to a company that knows the business.

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