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How To Get an Oversize Permit For Heavy Haul Companies?

Imagine roadways and highways congested with flatbed trailers hauling oversized and overweight loads without any oversight or compliance. The risk involved for both the truck driver and the flow of commuters trying to get past these travelling safety hazards would be enormous. There’s a reason oversize permits are requisite for heavy haul trucking companies.

How Heavy Equipment Transport Companies Can Obtain Permits

The Ministry of Transportation and the Ontario Trucking Association would agree that requiring permits for a variety of oversized loads is simply a good idea in the name of safety. Hypothetically, permits make Canadian heavy haul trucking companies more accountable when hauling huge loads down public roadways. Such permits are necessary to ensure companies operating truck-trailer combinations that are beyond the normal height, width, and weight requirements do so in the safest possible way.

It’s important to recognize that every province in Canada as well as states south of the border has its own set of rules established around oversized loads. Permitting is necessary to ensure heavy haul trucking companies understand those rules. Permits include details on things like the exact routes that an oversize load can travel, the exact dimensions of the load, a time frame that indicates the exact period such a permit is valid, license plating, and weight per axel. This is to eliminate the chance a transport company will be hauling oversized heavy loads without having registered for approval to move it. The process for applying for oversize and overweight permits is not particularly difficult. At its core, the application process is as simple as submitting all the requisite documentation each jurisdiction needs for approvals. This can often be done via mail, email, or online application. The information must be exact and must reflect the specifications of the actually load when it is being moved.

Expert 3PL companies like NATS Canada are experienced in securing all permits necessary to haul oversized loads given our years of experience working with heavy haul trucking companies. Applications must be made far enough in advance to receive the permit prior to any load hitting the road. With the time and money that gets invested not moving oversized loads it’s important to have the permits in hand. Delays can be costly to any company hoping to move an oversized load. There are a number of different permits that can be issued:

  • Annual permits: these permits are valid for a 12-month period starting from the day of issue. These can cover an entire fleet of trucks and are normally issued to companies that regularly move oversized loads to construction sites, mining, logging, or other industry requiring heavy equipment and machinery.
  • Project Based Permits: these are commonly issues to companies looking to move loads during a very specific time period over a predetermined area.
  • Single-trip Permits: usually issued for a one-time move, these permits are often given to companies moving loads through jurisdictions in which they don’t normally operate

Work With NATS Canada to Move Your Oversized Loads

As an experienced 3PL with a vast network of carriers, our team at NATS Canada can take care of trailer procurement and permitting of your oversized loads.

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