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How to Improve the Efficiency of Flatbed Shipping?

Maximizing revenues by reducing costs and developing efficiencies is a key pillar of success in almost every industry. No business owner would argue with anything that helps the operation run in a smoother fashion. That’s especially true in a competitive industry like flatbed trucking carriers.

The transportation industry has seen an enormous spike during the COVID years as flatbed transport companies scrambled to meet the explosion in demand from every sector. Every flatbed logistics company across North America had to deal with the challenges, from higher costs to a massive shortage in qualified drivers to changing regulations. That meant flatbed transportation carriers had to find competitive advantages to ensure they not only survived but thrived during this unprecedented periods of growth and demand.

Best Practices for Flatbed Shipping

From manufacturing to automotive to industrial, there are a variety of industries that rely heavily on flatbed transportation carriers to get the job done. Here are a few of the best practices a flatbed logistics company could incorporate to improve ROI.

  • Take Your Procurement Up a Notch: Regular procurement bids allow shippers to make new connections and establish market credibility. Through your 3PL, conduct frequent pricing exercises – at least once a year, or even quarterly would be better. Sitting stagnant will result in stagnant business.
  • Improve your technology. There’s not a reason not to implement new technology through the supply chain to improve shipping processes. Technology is developed for a reason. Every new bit of technology can help improve the efficiency of your flatbed shipping processes. It can also generate data critical to improving the way you do business.
  • Make sure you know the market. Shifting consumer buying patterns are just one of the things flatbed transportation carriers have to identify and adapt to. Marketplaces change, regulations change, governments change, and methods change. Knowing the market helps you make strategic decisions to improve your business.
  • Pick the right partners. Whether that means collaborating with a provider that has the capacity you need or engaging a 3PL service provider that can take your shipping to the next level, you need to make the right decisions for your business.

Work With NATS Canada to Become an Industry Leader

Staying nimble enough to change with the times, to take advantage of opportunities, and to rise to challenges is the mark of a successful transportation business. Working with NATS Canada is another indication that you’re on the right path. NATS Canada provides a multi-faceted long-haul transport service with a reputation build of successful project management. We only work with the best flatbed transport companies; because of the volume of our business, we are able to leverage the best prices to help you get your shipping done on time and on-budget. If we determine an LTL solution is best for your needs, we can quickly coordinate with our shipping partners to ensure your goods find the right carrier.

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