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How to Optimize Oversized Load for Safe Transportation

There is no greater challenge for a 3PL company or trucking firm than facilitating transport of oversized, overweight loads. Hauling large items along highways and roadways is difficult any day given traffic volumes, distracted drivers and roadways criss-crossed with bridges and other challenges. That’s why it’s important to hire companies with vast experience in heavy equipment transport.

Avoiding accidents is the first goal for heavy haul trucking companies hauling oversized equipment. It’s important for heavy equipment shipping Canada providers like NATS Canada to take every precaution necessary to ensure the safety of people hauling the equipment and commuters on the road. Here are a few ways NATS Canada partners strive to optimize loads for safe transportation.

  • Safety starts by having the right escort vehicle strategy in place to accompany any oversized load. Technology is put in place to ensure all drivers can communicate throughout the entire transport process. Whether you’re hauling large windmill arms or huge industrial machinery headed north to mining operations, the escort vehicles have to work in tandem as a team to get the rig moving and avoid conflict with regular traffic.
  • Clearly identifying the risk a large load presents to other drivers is accomplished through the use of proper signs placed on any heavy equipment transport. Flashing lights, signs, banners and maintaining a vehicular perimeter around the heavy load are a few ways heavy haul trucking companies can warn other drivers on the road to be cautious either trailing or trying to pass an oversized load.
  • Planning is everything when hauling oversized loads. Not all roads can handle the weight. Some roads are cut by train tracks, others have low bridges, and some are so narrow that cornering would be next to impossible when pulling a load carried on multiple trailers. Over dimensional trucking companies need to take all these challenges into account when trying to map out the most direct and safe route possible to ensure safe delivery. Recognizing the times of high-volume commuter traffic is also vital, as gridlock can present a serious problem when hauling a huge load.


It takes a great degree of expertise to ensure heavy equipment transport is handled safely. NATS Canada regularly works with clients from the industrial, steel and construction industries to help facilitate transport over oversized loads. Our expertise comes from years of successful coordination of such higher-risk transport jobs. We work directly with our clients to ensure all the necessary planning is put into place to ensure the safest possible execution of the move. There is no room for error for heavy haul trucking companies moving large loads, so we only work with trusted partners who have the teams and equipment in place to get the job done right.

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