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How to Prevent Common Mistakes with Cross-Border Shipping

Governments like to move the goalposts when it comes to legislation. Things change, rules and regulations change. That’s especially true when it comes to cross-border shipping. Depending on who’s in power, tariffs can change and so can the information required for shippers and transport companies to be in compliance when moving goods. In such environments, mistakes can happen. Here are a few tips on how to avoid them when shipping from Canada to USA.

Things to Remember When Shipping Across the Canada/USA Border

The close ties Canada and the USA share as trading partners means huge amounts of goods continue to travel across the border. As a company tasked with cross border shipping service, it’s important to avoid these common mistakes:

  • Inadequate planning and preparation. That starts with finding the right carriers whether you contract them direct or through a qualified 3PL operation. A 3PL can help prepare your compliance documentation to ensure you’re following the most recent protocols. They can also connect you with competent drivers to ensure the safety of your shipment. Waiting until the last minute to get your paperwork in order could be a recipe for failure. Freight shipping in Canada has different rules than in the United States, so it’s important to plan and prepare far in advance so you can deal with any last minute issues.
  • Not dealing with competent customs brokers. An experienced in-country customs broker is a critical element of successful shipping from Canada to the USA. Having an ally that can help trouble-shoot and coordinate with inspectors is definitely one way to avoid hassles. In today’s border climate, agents are much more likely to conduct examinations at the border. This can add significant time to your route, escalating costs and putting your supply chain in jeopardy. Find the customs broker who offers the best cross-border shipping service. If there are any hassles, your customs broker can do the work to secure release of your freight.
  • Having the wrong documents. The Ontario Ministry of Transportation suggests that port directors at the province’s major border crossings deal with incomplete paperwork far too often; in fact, their reports indicate that 35 percent of drivers arrive with improper or inadequate documentation to get their shipment across the border. That’s a major mistake that could delay shipments for indefinite amounts of time. Paperwork may have to be redone and resubmitted, further delaying the shipment.
  • Not building strong networks. The key to smooth shipping from Canada to the USA is having close relationships with carriers across the country and the continent. Knowing the company you’re dealing with, having thorough knowledge about the drivers hauling your shipments, and having connections in multiple areas along the shipping routes will help shippers avoid cross-border pitfalls. Relationships are key in an industry like shipping that has many moving parts.

Work with NATS Canada to Eliminate Shipping Risks and Avoid Mistakes

NATS Canada provides exceptional 3PL services to help facilitate your cross-border shipping service. Work with us whenever you need reliable, professional, safe and respected 3PL services.

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