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Impact of Weather on Supply Chains

Regardless of what you believe about climate change, the fact is weather patterns across North America and the world are, at the very least, producing some major climate related storms. Category five hurricanes, record rain and snow falls, rising water levels, flooding, intense tornados and even wildfires can wreak havoc on not only communities, but also on critical supply chains. Here’s how that can specifically affect shipping from USA to Canada.

Weather related issues affecting supply chains

Shipping companies in Canada understand the weather challenges inherent in operating in a country that covers nearly 10 million square kilometres stretching from the Pacific to the Arctic to the Atlantic. However, shipping across the country is different than shipping across the continent, and weather certainly affects supply chain management. That can mean the immediate effects of short-term weather, like shutdowns of local supply chains due to road, business and government office closures, to the greater impact of intense events that cause mass-destruction of supply warehouses, infrastructure, manufacturing plants and vehicles. Seasonal weather can also affect waterways like the Welland Canal, putting shipping on hold and causing a domino effect with suppliers looking to move goods. When intense weather is being predicted for certain areas, there’s often an immediate need to get freight out and a rush to contract transport providers to ensure goods are shipped before the storms hit. Even wind can cause major supply chain disruption.

Shipping companies in Toronto that are shipping from Canada to the USA direct through Buffalo are at the mercy of high winds on the Burlington Skyway and Garden City Skyway. Dry vans and reefers are easily prone to tip during high wind given their large surface areas. Crosswinds and headwinds can cause trucks hauling empty trailers to jackknife, reduce fuel efficiency, and increase overall costs related to shipping. Any inclimate weather – from black ice and whiteouts to heavy fog – that in increases traffic congestion on already jam-packed roadways and highways simply adds to the problem.

Weather the Storm with Help from Nats Canada

NATS Canada is a 3PL provider of exceptional supply chain management services, from standard trucking and LTL solutions to flatbed and heavy haul. Weather is always going to present a challenge, but working with a company that offers a national network of providers is a great way to counter any issues that arise during a bad day at The Weather Network. NATS Canada’s network can provide quick and cost-effective delivery service moving cross border between Canada and the US, as well right across North America.

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