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JIT Transportation Methods in Automotive Industry for Consistent & Uninterrupted Process

Lever Soap once ran a commercial campaign talking about how the brand was specifically made to address the needs of your “2000 body parts.” The average car, on the other hand, has approximately 30,000 parts, from GPS technology to the tiniest screw. Multiple parts come from multiple suppliers, as do different raw materials; manufacturing processes happen at different locations and cars are assembled at different plants – often in different countries. As a result, to address the needs of the auto industry, there has to be some consistent method of freight transportation.

Just In Time Transport Methods Address the Need

Just In Time – a.k.a. JIT – transportation reflects the original philosophy of the automotive industry’s early 20th century switch to JIT inventory, purchasing and supply methods. Automotive companies manufacturing cars for the international market learned very quickly that efficient transportation methods were critical for the JIT process to be effective. During the 1970s, for example, major suppliers to the automotive industry as well as the assembly plants were all centrally located. The proximity of automotive factories to suppliers meant transportation was rarely an issue. Consumers knew parts would be readily available as well. As factories relocated, and as automotive manufacturers moved plants to other countries, freight companies were tasked with meeting the transportation demands of a changing industry.

Companies like NATS Canada that mastered transportation logistics soon became industry leaders, and trucking firms that offered safe, reliable and cost-effective transport became great allies of the automotive industry. That is definitely true today as well.

How are 3PL providers different that freight forwarders

Nats Canada Provides JIT Solutions

As far as Canadian freight companies go, NATS Canada is a leader in providing complete flatbed and dry van delivery solutions for automotive manufacturers, parts and raw material providers. We offer professional end to end JIT ground transportation and supply chain solutions across Canada and into the United States. We are aligned with an extensive network of carriers and trucking services located in all major cities, which can quickly and efficiently address freight moving needs in a safe manner. Automobile manufacturers require a consistent and uninterrupted process to ensure they can meet the demands of automotive consumers across the continent, especially in those high demand periods of new model releases.

We offer innovative and cutting edge solutions for our customers regardless of where they are located or what time of flatbed service they require. Freight transportation is our business, and we can deliver multi-faceted long-haul transport service and JIT efficiency with proven expertise across multiple supply chain verticals.

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