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Key Findings from the 2021 ATRI Report About Top Concerns of Trucking Industry

The trucking industry is facing issues other than determining how to deal with unvaccinated drivers bringing loads back and forth across the Canada/US border. According to the annual report from the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), the issues facing the transportation industry are significantly clear, and they will have an enormous impact on trucking companies in Canada.

Key Finding in The 2021 ATRI Report

In surveys conducted with truck drivers, motor carriers, and other stakeholders in North America’s transportation industry, multiple issues were flagged that could impact trucking companies in Ontario and 3PL providers. The top issues clearly continue to present unprecedented challenges for everyone in the industry including trucking companies in Mississauga:

  • The number one issue facing the trucking industry is a substantial shortage of qualified, experienced drivers. This is nothing new to people operating and managing trucking companies in Canada. The number of young people looking at long and short haul trucking as a career is in decline, and with an aging population of experienced drivers that puts the entire industry in peril. This is not the first time that driver demand has topped the list, with driver retention and driver compensation being other major issues facing the industry. As a heavily regulated industry, trucking can be a frustrating environment in which to work, especially as an independent. Trucking companies in Mississauga and across the country are going to have to develop strategies to attract competent drivers and increase diversity in the industry to ensure supply chains and shipping needs are being met. Otherwise, capacity issues will continue to drive rates up and add cost to businesses that rely on shipping.
  • There’s no doubt that automotive technology is becoming more complicated as computer and digital innovation becomes standard in big rig manufacturing. That puts the onus on qualified diesel technicians to stay current in their training and capabilities. Unfortunately, that’s not happening. The scarcity of licensed diesel technicians continues to grow across the industry, with a tech shortage and supply chain demands increasing the need. Some reports suggest the trucking industry will need close to 650,000 new auto and diesel mechanics over the next decade to properly maintain ever-growing fleets.

Trucking Companies in Ontario a Big Part Of 3PL Services

There are many other issues at play in the trucking industry, from rising fuel and insurance costs, escalating equipment costs, ever-shifting regulations, trade imbalances, and even COVID-19 demands and challenges. At NATS Canada, we are constantly monitoring the state of the industry to ensure we can help our clients meet their needs. We maintain a vast network of trucking companies across North America to help ensure accessibility and improve efficiencies. To continue to provide on-time delivery, our team continues to work with fleet operators that are taking pro-active steps to attract and retain competent drivers. That way we can provide trucking service for everything from oversized loads to LTL CPG shipments.

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