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Learn About Heated and Unheated Trucking

If you imagine the era when residents of Upper and Lower Canada were transporting goods along the St. Lawrence, you can easily picture the primary methods of transportation. Canoes, ships and horses were the only available choices when working out the logistics of moving cargo between the British or French settlements. Thankfully, today’s 3PL companies have access to much better options when hauling goods between Quebec and Toronto and into the US, including heated and unheated service available through trucking companies in Canada.

Shipping Options for Today’s Logistics Needs

Canada enjoys the full wrath of Mother Nature’s four-season climate assault. Summers are hot and winters are cold. For companies transporting goods using trucking companies in Mississauga during Canada’s winter months, it’s important to be aware of the extremes in temperature and the possibility that goods could be subject to freezing. When you’re hauling things like paper or furniture using trucking companies in Ontario, that might not be an issue. However, some products require heated trucking services, and NATS Canada uses a network of trucking companies in Canada to help facilitate those needs.

Heated dry van services are critical for freight that can’t be subject to freezing during transportation. That includes everything from paints, cosmetics and industrial chemicals to delicate electronic components, liquids like beer or juice and agricultural products. Freight shipping that requires products be heated or frozen can be more expensive than regular dry van shipping. However, these additional costs are negligible compared to the cost of delivering a freight-load of damaged or ruined goods. Heated or refrigerated trucking units are more expensive to maintain, and some of those costs are passed on to the consumers. However, the costs are reasonable and, more importantly, it does make trucking companies in Canada more versatile than the options available in the 18th Century!

Here are some Specials Permits Required to Transport Oversize Loads

NATS Canada Can Take Care of Your Heated Shipping Needs

For goods where heated shipping is necessary, our team at NATS Canada has access to a large network of carriers across North America that accommodate those needs. As a 3PL logistics and supply chain management provider, NATS Canada has grown into an industry leader by offering expert service, reliable cost-effective pricing and flexible options. NATS Canada has continued to exceed client expectations for shipping and receiving consumer package goods (CPGs), along with industrial materials and manufacturing equipment and supplies.

During challenges like the one presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, the essential nature of NATS Canada services has never been more pronounced. Getting your freight delivered through use of heated or refrigerated carriers is critical, and we continue to exceed expectations when it comes to arranging shipping for our customers. Our network of trucking companies in Canada allows us to offer a variety of services to help keep your goods moving between destinations.

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