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LTL Trucking And The Benefits to the Textile Industry

Logistics is all about managing the flow of goods between two points. If one of those points happens to be somewhere in the heart of Asia, and the end point is somewhere in northern Alberta, then logic dictates that completing that job requires the skills of a great logistics company. To accommodate the needs of the foreign textile industry shipping to the domestic market, that may also require a company skilled at “less than truckload” or LTL trucking.


A great deal of the textiles being produced today are coming into North America from foreign markets, primarily India and Asia. It’s an industry where there are multiple stages in the production process, as raw materials are transformed into finished goods and then shipped to distribution points to reach consumers. Less than truckload carriers like NATS Canada are responsible for moving those textiles to destinations all over North America regardless of whether they’re carrying a full load. Logistics management plays a vital role in ensuring textile consumers are getting quick, often on-demand fulfillment of their orders. LTL trucking companies who offer such limited-cargo trucking options have to develop an effective pricing strategy to ensure they remain profitable when rolling down the road with less-than-full trailers.


At NATS Canada, we quote a price for LTL trucking based on five factors. These include the following: total weight of the freight being shipped, dimensions of the freight, total distance to travel for freight delivery, the type of service (urgent freight versus standard service), and the type of cargo being delivered. If the LTL load requires specialized handling or specific delivery requirements, the cost would reflect those special requests.

Traditional textiles being shipped across Canada include apparel and accessories, household furnishings and floor coverings; non-traditional or “technical textiles” including everything from medical and agricultural-use textiles to intelligent and ultra-comfortable textiles. Whether they’re imported or developed domestically, textile shipping across Canada and into the U.S. requires a shipping company with a network of reliable carriers that can deliver loads safely, affordably and efficiently. No matter what your trucking needs are, NATS Canada can deliver.

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