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Major Trends Driving Growth of 3PL in 2020

Regardless of what you think about globalization, the fact is – like all things driven by technological change – it is happening at a rapid speed. Organizations and businesses are building influence around the world, merging efforts through technology and migrating labor, capital and investment. Increased globalization will continue to be a driving force in the growth of 3PL services, and that will have an influence on the way things are done at many companies including trucking companies in Mississauga.

Increased Globalization Will Enhance 3PL Growth

Customers are starting to realize that asset-based companies cannot physically service all geographic areas. Nor can such operations have all the equipment, including fleets with a variety of dry van carriers and flatbeds, necessary to fulfill all needs. In order to be successful and provide clients with the services they demand, today’s 3PL’s will have to broaden their menu of services and react to trends in the industry, working alongside freight trucking companies and other partners to meet client expectations. The ability to handle all modes of shipping and fulfill all aspects of logistics management will be the measure for 3PL companies in the immediate future. Trucking companies in Canada have already benefited from the growing 3PL market across North America, thanks in part to the expansion of e-commerce and emerging new markets. Shippers will have to adjust their operations and work more closely with 3PL companies to increase efficiency and remain profitable in the face of growing competition.

3PL Companies Provide Reliable Logistic Solutions

There is always a degree of uncertainty 3PL companies have to deal with. From unexpected weather to sudden changes in legislation, shippers are always looking for ways to avoid the uncertainty that could cost them money when shipments go undelivered or arrive late. Contracting the services of a reliable 3PL provides a safeguard against uncertainty.

A well-connected 3PL company will have access to expanded carrier networks and other important partners in the supply chain; the trend towards increasing 3PL partnerships will be vital to business. As a result, 3PL companies will have to offer up more value-added services to gain a competitive edge, from offering small package logistics management to large-scale fulfillment options. When it comes to reliable 3PL services, consider NATS Canada.

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