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Proven Ways to Save Money on Shipping

In a competitive industry trying to maximize resources during a challenging economic period, saving money whenever possible is simply smart business. When it comes to shipping, that’s often difficult given rising fuel prices, taxes, staffing, maintenance and many of the other associated costs. Here are a few tips on ways to save money for freight shipping companies.

Manage Your Pallets Better

Depending on the carrier, you might pay more for a shipment that isn’t on pallets. Such shipments are harder to load in and out. They can also be more susceptible to damage during shipment. Reducing your shipping costs while protecting your goods from damage is a simple way for international shipping companies to save money on the most basic element of shipping. Another simple suggestion: don’t simply toss your pallets or leave them out for firewood. Reusing your pallets and shipping crates for both shipping and receiving is a cost saving measure that may seem obvious but not always done.

Cut Costs by Shipping Intermodal

When it comes to ground transportation, nothing can get your goods from dock to destination faster than an experienced ground carrier. However, if time isn’t a factor and you’re looking to save money, intermodal (using several modes of transport) can be a way to save money. Internationally, that may mean a combination of ocean, air, rail, or road transportation. When it comes to land shipments, it’s basically train and transport. Working with an experienced 3PL provider, you can quickly determine the most cost-effective combination using international shipping companies in Canada and the U.S.

Consider Using a Consolidator

International shipping companies in Canada can facilitate all types of shipping requests. Consolidated shipping isn’t the platinum option, but it can be the cheapest option if you’re not in a rush. When you agree to move goods using consolidated loads, a carrier will not hit the road until their truck is fully loaded. In other words, your goods will sit at a dock until there is enough other cargo to justify the shipment.

Saving Money by Insuring Your Cargo

The goal of freight shipping companies is to get your load from point A to point B as quickly and safely as possible. In the event there’s an accident, vandalism, damage caused by weather or other elements, your shipment loses value. One way to avoid this loss is to insure your loads. Proper packaging and handling will reduce the risk of damage, but insurance will help cover any losses if your cargo reaches its destination in anything but ideal condition.

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Trust NATS Canada to Help You Save Money

At NATS Canada, we stay on top of current events that might affect the market and access to inexpensive shipping solutions (for example, the bottle neck of shipping containers, rising fuel costs, and mudslides in British Columbia affecting supply routes). As a broker we also negotiate and use our volumes to get discounts from our carriers. We can then pass those savings on to our clients.

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