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Reduce the Turnaround Time in Industrial Equipment Shipping

Time is money. That adage is as true for companies making vegan donuts as it is for companies shipping industrial equipment. Any delay in turnaround time associated with industrial equipment shipping – especially when borders are involved – eats away at the profits related to the shipping. Reducing that turnaround time is a key goal for shipping companies in Canada.

Automation Can Help Shipping Companies

Shipping freight is a highly transactional business, even more so when shipping companies in Ontario are travelling back and forth across the Canada/U.S. border. Every order has documents and data to process even before a truck arrives at the border. From the bill of lading to customs invoices to NAFTA certificates of origin, shipping things like industrial equipment can be a bureaucratic nightmare. Automating the flow is possible thanks to new robotic technologies that get integrated into the process. This can help process emails, read content and data from electronic paperwork to reduce the time it takes to process the documentation. Bots can help prevent quality issues that might otherwise result in delays or unprocessed clearance at the border.

Reliable Shipping From Canada To The Us

Shipping companies in Toronto often operate regionally. NATS works with hundreds of carriers and shipping companies in not only Toronto, but across North America. Through this highly developed network of carriers and shipping companies, we are able to reduce the turnaround time for freight, cargo and industrial equipment no matter where the destination takes us. As a respected name in the industry, NATS offers its customers quick, safe and reliable delivery service. Through our extensive partner network, we can develop shipping solutions that help reduce turnaround time on both deliveries and facilitating the shipping of freight and equipment through borders. Given the political climate, borders can certainly be tricky stops, as you never know what kind of directive has been given to impede the easy flow of goods and traffic across the border.

The Experts at NATS  can provide discounted freight rates between Canada and the US while ensuring the shortest turnaround times possible.

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