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Reducing Shipping Costs of Large Items Without Compromising the Safekeeping

There’s a simple equation that shippers use when determining the cost of shipping large items: the bigger the items, the more it costs. The trick for 3PLs looking to provide the best service to their clients is finding ways to reduce the costs of shipping large items.

Factors Contributing to the Cost of Shipping

Large shipments – whether it’s a FTL of CPGs in boxes or a few large items that can be coordinated through dry van logistics – are priced according to a standard list of factors.

Here are a few of the things affecting the cost of shipping heavy items:

  • How much does the shipment weigh? The heavier the item, the higher your potential cost may be.
  • Where are you shipping large items? The cost to ship across town is less than the cost of shipping across the country.
  • What are the dimensions of your shipment? If it’s a load full of identically sized boxes that can easily be moved using dry van logistics, then a shipper may pay less than they would shipping a load with odd dimensions that requires special accommodations.
  • What are the costs involved to insure your load? Shipping a dry van full of pillows may cost less than shipping a FTL of critical vaccines that need to be refrigerated.
  • Are there different taxes that may be applied, duties or other government fees? These can have a significant impact on the cost of shipping heavy items.
  • How urgently does a shipment have to make it to its eventual destination? Anything that requires immediacy is going to be charged a premium.
  • Are there special shipping instructions? For example, is the shipment fragile? Does it need to be transported in a temperature-controlled environment? These are factors that can increase shipping costs.

LTL AND FTL – The Two Options for Shipping

When a company has a full load to ship, a 3PL like NATS Canada can definitely rely on a network of carriers to find the best price for FTL shipping. However, for companies that may not need all the space in a trailer, LTL shipping is a fantastic option for saving money while securing safe transport. LTL freight shipping allows for route flexibility and more options when it comes to accommodating various weight and overcoming minimum size restrictions. LTL offers highly competitive prices that allow small businesses to reap the savings for shipping.

NATS Canada is a 3PL provider that has the capacity to handle shipping heavy items of any size and dimension, whether in FTL shipments or LTL shipments. The team at NATS Canada can work with any client to determine the very best option for shipping safely and affordably.

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