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Safe & Efficient Equipment Hauling – A Top Priority for Mining Firms

There are not many companies that can claim to be “moving mountains.” Mining firms and their transportation providers are the rare exception. The transport of materials from both open-pit and underground mines is a specialty that requires a high-degree of safety and efficiency. The distance between extraction sites and processing plants is always growing. There’s only a few companies that can deliver on the requirements of heavy haul trucking.

Nats Canada – World Class Equipment Hauling

Covering long distances while hauling loads that require oversize load trucking expertise is just one of the many services we provide at NATS Canada. We are world class supply chain management provider with vast experience across most industries including mining. There are many heavy haul trucking companies that operate in similar areas as NATS Canada, but none with the high degree of safety standards and logistics expertise that we offer. The safe and efficient hauling of large equipment is a top priority for mining companies for many reasons: it’s an industry that can’t afford the optics of unsafe practices.

NATS is a leading flatbed transportation service provider that maintains an extensive network of carriers and trucking services aptly suited to the needs of high volume mining firms. We can move a large range of different cargo, heavy machinery and materials unsuitable for other vehicles. We do it efficiently and affordably.

Safety Is Job One for Heavy Load Hauling

Heavy haul trucking begins with the processing of the load, and continues with transport and eventual unloading. At NATS Canada, we help mining companies with mining material handling by providing safe transport that also ensure materials arrive in the required quality at the specified time. Our solutions include cutting edge drive technology, automation, sensor technology and many more innovative industry solutions. Our entire team is dedicated to ensuring NATS meets the transportation challenges of today and tomorrow, ensuring our mining industry partners have reliable ground transportation in place. We adhere to the highest standards of operational safety and reliability in order to deliver the very best heavy haul trucking service. There are currently over 60 different metal and mineral mines operating in Canada, as well as various other types of mining operations. Each of those requires a distinct flatbed hauling solution that’s safe and cost-effective. The experts at NATS work hard to ensure our mining customers get safe transport. Learn more, visit NATS Canada .

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