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Safety Guide for Transporting Construction Equipment

Transporting machines across Canada and the United States is not like the hauling of consumer goods through dry van services. There are substantial considerations to be made by any company undertaking the transport of construction equipment along the same highways and byways travelled by daily commuters, or even along localized construction routes. To ensure the highest degree of safety, the transportation of such equipment is best left to experienced flatbed trucking companies.

Safety Tips for Transporting Construction Equipment Nats

Canada is a leading provider of safe, reliable and cost-effective transport services, offering specialized flatbed trucks for all types of cargo loads. However, what sets us apart from other flatbed transport companies is our stellar reputation for successful high-difficulty transportation of construction equipment. Here are some tips for any company tasked with transporting construction equipment:

  • Begin with the right trailer for heavy hauling. Whether that means a standard flatbed trailer, lowboy trailer, step-deck or gooseneck trailer (to name a few), this is the critical first step to doing the job safely. Choosing the right trailer can help you avoid problems later.
  • Always be in compliance with safety regulations. Remove accessories that may make the equipment you’re transporting over weight or too wide (when avoidable), or put you in a situation where you could face fines.
  • Properly prepare your cargo for transport. Disconnect batteries to ensure they’re not drained upon arrival. Close and secure all equipment doors to avoid flapping during transport. Remove any vulnerable or easily exposed parts to avoid breakage during hauling
  • Take proper steps to ensure construction machinery is properly secured for transport. There are no accidents, just a series of careless mistakes that result in them happening. Take time to check the regulations regarding safe hauling of heavy loads; double check before going mobile.

We also consider these Tips to Make Oversized Load Trucking Stress Free

Experienced Drivers Are the Key to Safety

Drivers working for flatbed trucking companies in Ontario are driving some of the busiest roads in the country. Putting an experienced driver behind the wheel of a rig hauling construction equipment is simply the smartest decision. Help them plan their route prior to any trailer hitting the road. Also, give drivers realistic time lines to accomplish the safe transport of heavy equipment. There is no faster way to complete such a responsibility. To ensure the safety of your driver and other drivers on the road, it’s vitally important to exercise caution when hauling heavy loads like construction machinery.

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