Cross Border Shipping From Canada to US

Cross Border Freight Shipping From Canada To USA

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NATS Canada is a 3PL provider with a reputation for excellence when it comes to facilitating freight freight shipping in Canada. As one of the premier shipping companies in Toronto, our goal is to provide you with hassle-free freight shipping from Canada to the USA and across North America. We are aligned with all the top cross border shipping companies in both countries, and our network of professional carriers allows us to provide exceptional options and unparalleled cross border shipping service to clients big and small.

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Regardless of what your company is shipping from Canada to the USA, the team at NATS Canada offers a full suite of services designed to ensure your shipment arrives on time and on budget. Through the volume of business we do working with cross border shipping companies in Canada, we can deliver the most competitive rates to clients in every possible vertical, from CPGs to oversized industrial machinery and construction equipment.  Our network of cross Canada shipping companies across the continent allows NATS Canada to connect with the best carriers, the most experienced drivers, and trusted customs brokers to ensure you reap the benefits of discounted rates and reliable service. We help reduce risk and mitigate any issues that could occur during shipping so you have peace of mind every time.

We Handle All Administration of Cross-Border Documents

New governments, new rules and regulations – staying on top of the requisite documents required in cross border shipping from US to Canada or shipping from Canada to the USA is critical for a 3PL like NATS Canada. Thankfully, our team of experienced professionals can help ensure your shipping has all the proper documentation to remain in compliance with current shipping laws, including:

For shipments going into the U.S. from Canada

  • Bill of Lading: Required at pick-up and provided to you by our carriers
  • Commercial Invoice: Document created at pick-up
  • Import/Export License: This document is necessary for regulated products/commodities
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin: Relates to specific products/commodities

For shipments going into Canada from the U.S.

  • Bill of Lading: Required at pick up and provided by our carriers
  • Canada Customs Invoice (CCI): This document is required at pickup if your cargo is valued at $1,600 CDN or more
  • Commercial invoice: Created at the time of pickup
  • Import/Export License: May be required for regulated products/commodities
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin: Only needed for specific products/commodities
  • Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED): This document may be required based on cargo


Demand on shipping has never been higher, and it requires an experienced team to ensure interruption-free supply chain management. Call NATS Canada for a low-cost quote to ship any load between Canada and the USA. We offer a number of competitive advantages, including:
 freight shipping from canada to us

  • Quick and reliable cross-border shipping service
  • Low-cost and competitive rates that you won’t find anywhere else
  • The option to choose between full truckload, less than truckload, dry van or flatbed services.
  • All Carriers are fully licensed and insured.
  • Option for tracking and tracing shipments online with automatic carrier updates.

We off the most comprehensive and cost-effective freight shipping across North America. Let us handle your logistics so you can be certain your resources are being maximized and your goods are moving in the most efficient way possible. Trust NATS Canada to get your shipments delivered using the best network of carriers in North America. Our reputation is built on it.


How is cross-border shipping different?

Shipping is shipping when it happens within your own country; when it involves border-crossing, there’s a whole new set of rules to consider. NATS Canada helps guide clients through the complexities of cross-border shipping, handling all the customs paperwork to ensure shipments make it safely over the border. This isn’t something to be handled off the side of a desk; cross-border shipping is best left to the professionals who know the ins and outs of customs and cross-border shipping.
How can I ship freight to Canada?

The first step to successfully shipping your goods to Canada is getting in contact with NATS Canada. This will help make the entire process easier, as our team of logistics experts has all the right connections with carriers and customs brokers to ensure smooth entry for your goods. Avoid delays in shipping by dealing with an industry leader like NATS Canada.
How can I ship across borders?

Working with a 3PL provider like NATS Canada ensures you have all the support you need in arranging carriers, mapping out routes, and clearing customs using the right documentation. NATS Canada can handle all aspects of your shipping. Whether it’s an oversized piece of construction equipment or a dry van load of consumer goods, we can coordinate all aspects of your cross-border shipping needs.
What documents are required to ship to Canada?

As detailed above, there are many pieces of required documentation necessary for shipments to clear customs. The team at NATS Canada will ensure all shipments include proper documentation, including bill of sale, NAFTA/USMCA documents, commercial invoices, and BOL proof. On the chance there’s a snag at the border, our team will work round-the-clock to ensure your shipment gets through.


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