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Dry Van Transportation Services

“NATS offers one of the most extensive and reliable dry van transport networks across the nation and abroad. Our multiple dry van transportation  services allow us to be completely flexible to meet just about any hauling needs.”

Dry Van Shipping Solutions

We offer complete dry van transportation services through our network of operators to all points in Canada and the United States. Dry vans are used by clients for shipping large items/quantities of non-perishable goods, pallets or boxes of cargo and any type of equipment including industrial machinery and raw materials. Dry vans are trailers that are protected from the elements because they are enclosed and are one of the most frequently requested services that we offer.

The reason why dry vans get their name is that the cargo is kept “dry” and protected from the environmental conditions like road debris, rain, and other elements. NATS offers dry van transportation services for shipping large items through our network for the following:

  • Transportation of non-perishable foods and beverages, clothing and textiles, plastics, electronics, and construction materials.
  • Shipping of consumer products, home appliances, household goods, electronics and varied products that do not require regulated temperature.
  • Transportation of small machinery for the construction industry such as raw materials and buildings supplies from the warehouse to the site of construction.
  • Shipping heavy items such as delivery of raw materials and finished retail products from producers and manufacturers to a warehouse and retail outlets, like air conditioners and radiators etc.

A Customized Service

We understand that every company’s needs are different. That is why we tailor our services and offer flexibility that suits our clients. No matter what cargo your company needs to move, NATS has the right solution for you.

All our dry van transportation services are completed through our reliable network of carriers and supply chain partners. We give our clients peace of mind, so they can focus on other aspects of their business.

We offer the following types of dry van services:

Full Truck Load (FTL)
If you are looking to move a full truckload (FTL) of cargo or shipping heavy items then we can easily arrange a trailer to make that happen. Our drivers will arrive on your premises at the time that suits your schedule and deliver the cargo to its destination as quickly and as safely as possible.

Less Than Truck Load (LTL)
If your cargo or freight does not require a full truck load, then we also offer LTL service for our clients. Our dispatch and operations team will accommodate your unique requirements and only charge you for the space that is used on the vehicle.

Dedicated Service (Multiple Stops)
NATS offers dedicated services for shipping large items to our clients whether you are shipping to one location or multiple locations. We are the preferred choice when your cargo needs to go quickly and efficiently.

“NATS makes dry van delivery super easy and reliable!”

Using Dry Van Companies For Your Needs

Dry van vehicles are not equipped with a refrigeration system. This makes dry van transport system the best when you are looking to move non-perishable items, such as raw materials, building products, textiles, plastics, electronics, and other consumer goods.

Generally, dry van services can be more flexible than other types of delivery methods because you have more options available. Dry vans shipments require fewer permits and licenses than open flatbed trucks. please get in touch with our service team to determine whether you would need a flatbed or a dry van truck would be more suitable to your needs.

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