Dry Van Transportation Services

Dry Van Transportation Services for Heavy Items

Versatile, Reliable, Dry Van Shipping – From CPGs to Heavy Items

When it comes to ground transportation options, dry van shipping is the most trusted and predominant form of freight transportation available across Canada and North America. NATS Canada is a well-established 3PL provider that offers complete dry van transportation services for shipping heavy items of all kinds. Dry van services are exactly what the name implies: shipping in containers that are literally a “box on wheels,” fully-enclosed semi-trailers used to transport everything from palletized cargo to machinery and raw materials that require protection from the elements during shipping. Dry van shipping offers an additional level of security to ensure product quality remains intact during transport. It’s a transportation method of choice for many industries, such as:

shipping heavy items
1. Electronics
2. Non-perishable food and beverages
3. Automotive
4. Manufacturing
5. Consumer goods
6. Entertainment
7. Health and beauty
8. Cleaning products
9. Textile and clothing

With our vast network of carriers, NATS Canada can facilitate the safe, affordable, and reliable transportation of all goods requiring dry van transportation services, including the shipping of large items. That includes transportation of small machinery for the construction industry such as raw materials and building supplies from the warehouse to the site of construction.

Dry Van Variety Provides Flexible Transport Solutions

Not all shippers have the same needs, and not all products are shipped the same way. As an experienced 3PL provider, NATS Canada can offer fully customized dry van transportation services across North America. All our dry van transportation services are completed through our reliable network of carriers and supply chain partners. Our team can put together affordable solutions while taking care of all logistics involved from pickup to delivery so they can focus on other aspects of their business.

We offer the following types of dry van services:

Full Truck Load (FTL)
If you are looking to move a full truckload (FTL) of cargo or shipping heavy items then we can easily arrange a trailer to make that happen. Our drivers will arrive on your premises at the time that suits your schedule and deliver the cargo to its destination as quickly and as safely as possible.
shipping large items
Less Than Truck Load (LTL)
If your cargo or freight does not require a full truck load, then we also offer LTL dry van transportation services for our clients. Our dispatch and operations team will accommodate your unique requirements and only charge you for the space that is used on the vehicle.

Dedicated Service (Multiple Stops)
NATS offers dedicated dry van transportation services for shipping large items to our clients whether you are shipping to one location or multiple locations. We are the preferred choice when your cargo needs to go quickly and efficiently.

“NATS makes dry van transportation services super easy and reliable!”

Let NATS Canada Supply Your Dry Van Shipping Options

Dry van vehicles provide versatile logistics options for multiple industries. NATS Canada has facilitated shipping across a wide range of these industrial clients with great success. We have a reputation for service excellence whether you’re moving non-perishable items such as raw materials, building products, textiles, and plastics to CPGs, electronics, and other consumer goods. We help you maximize your budgets by finding affordable 3PL solutions. Dry van trailers are incredibly versatile and convenient for shipping heavy loads. They also offer “drop and hook” load options that can save you additional time and effort when loading and unloading. Trust NATS Canada – we’re “king of the road” for shipping across North America.


What is dry van shipping?

A dry van is simply an enclosed tractor trailer that typically measures 48 or 53′ long. As the name implies, dry van helps keep loads dry and protected from the elements. They are primarily used for goods that can fit safely and securely inside the trailer.

How do I get started on the process of transporting my heavy equipment?

Start by reaching out directly to the NATS Canada dispatch team. We will discuss all the logistics involved in moving the load that requires dry van service. Once we know the details (weight, dimensions, time-lines for transport) we can provide you with a fully customized solution.

How do I package heavy items for shipping?

There are standard methods for packaging loads for transport. These typically include crates, shrink wrap, or fastening loads directly to skids for easy loading and unloading.

When should I use Dry Van services for shipping?

Anytime your shipping requires protection from the elements is a good time to contract dry van services. In addition, dry van is the perfect option when shipping using standard 4×4 skids or moving freight that can easily be moved with a pump truck or forklift from dock level.

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