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“NATS offers a dedicated Full Truck Load (FTL) flatbed trucking service that delivers your cargo safely and on time. Our FTL Canadian flatbed carriers operate all over Canada and the U.S. to offer reliable services for clients.”


NATS Canada is a national 3PL and flatbed freight shipping company that facilitates flatbed trucking across Canada and the United States from our location in Ontario. As one of Canada’s leading flatbed shipping companies, we can coordinate all the logistics involved in FTL and LTL flatbed freight shipping for any industry requiring flatbed service.

Flatbed FTL Trucking and Shipping

At NATS CANADA, our team is committed to ensuring our clients receive exceptional customer service through every stage of the flatbed trucking process. Using NATS Canada means you gain access to one of the largest networks of flatbed shipping companies in North America. Through our vast years of experience, NATS Canada has aligned our 3PL services with the most professional trucking and shipping operations in either nation. Our goal is to get your goods, equipment, and supplies where they need to go safely and affordably. From the best new technology to the most experienced service professionals, NATS Canada is the best choice for flatbed freight shipping.


Versatility is vital when it comes to shipping, and flatbed shipping offers multiple options for a variety of industries. As an experienced 3PL and flatbed freight shipping provider, NATS Canada can work with your company to determine the absolute best option for shipping. We can coordinate with our network of partners to move your loads in the most efficient manner. Flatbed freight shipping is commonly used for these types of materials, equipment, and oversized loads:

  • Very large industrial machinery and farming equipment including forklifts, tractors, dozers, backhoes, excavators, compactors and other manufacturing, agricultural, construction, and warehousing machinery.
  • Previously built concrete items, construction materials, large beams, lumber, etc.
  • Heavy materials such as steel coils, stainless plate, steel pipe, aluminum extrusions just to name a few.
  • Any type of freight that must be loaded from the side or with the help of a crane, forklift, or from a roll-off platform.

As compared to other flatbed trucking companies in Ontario, our team at NATS Canada can provide reliable, experienced flatbed freight shipping solutions throughout North America. No matter where your point of origin or final destination, we have a dedicated network that can handle all the logistics involved, even when it involves complicated oversized loads and huge industrial equipment. No job is too big or too small for the professional 3PL service you get from NATS Canada.

“Make the right choice for your business with the help of our flatbed freight shipping experts and highly advanced freight delivery technology!”

Flatbed FTL Trucking and Shipping


When you’re in need of a 3PL provider than can coordinate FTL loads from 15,000 lbs to 45,000 lbs, look no further than NATS Canada. Whether you’re shipping from Canada to the US or vice versa, from the southern-most point of Texas to north of Whitehorse, we can put together the right trucking team backed with the technology to track your shipment and maximize your budget. Demands on flatbed trucking companies have increased substantially in recent years, so it’s more important than ever to work with a team like ours. NATS Canada puts your needs first when it comes to flatbed shipping.



There are definitely different situations where you would use FLT and LTL shipping services. You would use FTL options when shipping over 12 pallets, your product is extremely fragile or delicate, you require firm pick-up and delivery times, and your shipment is time sensitive. FTL is the only choice when your load will take up the entire space. You would use LTL when shipping less than 12 pallets, your product is sturdy or resilient enough to endure increased handling, and when you have flexibility with your shipping and delivery timing. Also, consider LTL when you are looking to maximize limited budget by saving on shipping.

At NATS Canada, we only work with companies we know employ licensed and insured drivers. We have developed a solid network of companies that help us facilitate our 3PL responsibilities. Our goal is to ensure the safety of your loads no matter where they’re going. Using professional, licensed, and insured drivers help protect everyone involved in the movement of your cargo. We also ensure that our partners are using the best technology and are in compliance with rules and regulations related to shipping and trucking on both sides of the border.

At its core, LTL shipping is designed to save small-scale companies money on their shipping needs. Not every company is producing large amounts of goods that can fill a huge transport truck. LTL provides an option. There are some things to consider. For example, LTL freight is handled more, meaning it can be loaded and unloaded several times prior to reaching its destination. That increases the risk of damage compared to FLT freight shipping. With FTL service, your load is usually handled by one driver and is shipped directly to your ultimate destination. There are multiple different classes of freight and different costs to handle them. This could impact whether you choose LTL or FTL. Working with NATS Canada, we can ensure you get the right option for your shipment.

A FTL shipment is one where the goods, materials, or equipment being shipped take up the entire load. In most cases, only one shipper’s freight moves on the truck. It’s all about exclusively because an FTL client has reserved the full capacity of the truck. This minimizes any chance of mixing of freight and reduces the risk of damage. The shipment never leaves its vehicle from origin to destination. FTL is more effective for large shipments and provides tangible cost savings over multiple small shipments. FTL is usually faster than LTL shipping in most cases.

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