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Flatbed Freight Shipping Company in Ontario

Welcome to NATS Canada, one of the leading Third-Party Logistics (3PL) companies in Canada, specializing in providing exceptional FTL flatbed trucking services. We cater to businesses, manufacturers, construction, automotive, and steel companies, offering seamless cargo shipping solutions across both Canada and the USA. With our expertise in supply chain management, we simplify the transportation process, ensuring your valuable cargo reaches its destination safely and efficiently.

Flatbed FTL Trucking and Shipping

What is Flatbed Trucking?

Flatbed trucking is a popular method of transporting goods that cannot be accommodated in enclosed trailers due to their size, shape, or weight. Here’s what you need to know about flatbed shipping:

  • No Enclosed Walls: Unlike standard trailers, flatbed trucks have an open platform, making it easier to load and unload cargo from all sides.
  • Ideal for Oversized Cargo: Flatbed shipping is perfect for transporting oversized items, machinery, construction materials, and other large freight that wouldn’t fit into traditional trailers.
  • Secure Strapping: To ensure the safety of the cargo, our skilled drivers use secure strapping techniques to keep the load in place during transit.
  • Weather Considerations: Since flatbed trailers are open, weather conditions can impact the cargo. Our team monitors weather forecasts to plan transportation effectively.

Flatbed Shipping Company – Why Choose NATS Canada?

When it comes to flatbed trucking companies, NATS Canada stands out for several reasons. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is reflected in every aspect of our services:
Flatbed FTL Trucking and Shipping

  • Versatile Solutions: We offer comprehensive flatbed trucking services tailored to meet the unique shipping needs of various industries. Whether you require transportation for large equipment, machinery, construction materials, or oversized freight, we have you covered.
  • Extensive Network: As a prominent flatbed carrier in Ontario, we boast an extensive network of reliable carriers and drivers. This allows us to efficiently manage your cargo and deliver it promptly to its destination.
  • Safety & Compliance: At NATS Canada, safety is our top priority. We ensure that all our carriers comply with industry regulations and maintain strict safety standards. You can trust us to handle your cargo with utmost care and diligence.

Flatbed Freight Shipping – Our Process

At NATS, we strive to provide a seamless shipping experience for our clients. Here’s an overview of our flatbed freight shipping process:

  • Customized Solutions: We analyze your cargo’s specific requirements and offer tailored solutions to meet your shipping needs.
  • Loading and Unloading: Our experienced team handles the loading and unloading process efficiently, ensuring your cargo is secure throughout transit.
  • Route Optimization: We plan the most efficient routes to minimize transit time and maximize cost-effectiveness.
  • Real-time Tracking: You can track your shipment in real-time, staying informed about its progress until it reaches its destination.

What Sets NATS Canada Apart From Others?

At NATS, we strive to provide a seamless shipping experience for our clients. Here’s an overview of our flatbed freight shipping process:

  • Reliability: With years of experience in the industry, we have earned a reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy flatbed trucking company.
  • Customer Support: Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you at every stage of the shipping process, addressing your queries promptly.
  • Transparency: We believe in transparent communication, and our clients are kept well-informed about their shipment status throughout the journey.

Let us simplify your supply chain and shipping processes, enabling your business to thrive. Get in touch with us today for efficient flatbed trucking services.



There are definitely different situations where you would use FLT and LTL shipping services. You would use FTL options when shipping over 12 pallets, your product is extremely fragile or delicate, you require firm pick-up and delivery times, and your shipment is time sensitive. FTL is the only choice when your load will take up the entire space. You would use LTL when shipping less than 12 pallets, your product is sturdy or resilient enough to endure increased handling, and when you have flexibility with your shipping and delivery timing. Also, consider LTL when you are looking to maximize limited budget by saving on shipping.

At NATS Canada, we only work with companies we know employ licensed and insured drivers. We have developed a solid network of companies that help us facilitate our 3PL responsibilities. Our goal is to ensure the safety of your loads no matter where they’re going. Using professional, licensed, and insured drivers help protect everyone involved in the movement of your cargo. We also ensure that our partners are using the best technology and are in compliance with rules and regulations related to shipping and trucking on both sides of the border.

At its core, LTL shipping is designed to save small-scale companies money on their shipping needs. Not every company is producing large amounts of goods that can fill a huge transport truck. LTL provides an option. There are some things to consider. For example, LTL freight is handled more, meaning it can be loaded and unloaded several times prior to reaching its destination. That increases the risk of damage compared to FLT freight shipping. With FTL service, your load is usually handled by one driver and is shipped directly to your ultimate destination. There are multiple different classes of freight and different costs to handle them. This could impact whether you choose LTL or FTL. Working with NATS Canada, we can ensure you get the right option for your shipment.

A FTL shipment is one where the goods, materials, or equipment being shipped take up the entire load. In most cases, only one shipper’s freight moves on the truck. It’s all about exclusively because an FTL client has reserved the full capacity of the truck. This minimizes any chance of mixing of freight and reduces the risk of damage. The shipment never leaves its vehicle from origin to destination. FTL is more effective for large shipments and provides tangible cost savings over multiple small shipments. FTL is usually faster than LTL shipping in most cases.

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