Heavy Haul Trucking Company

Heavy Haul Trucking Company

“Looking for a specialized heavy haul trucking service that is reliable and competitively priced?
NATS offers a safe and reliable oversize (over-dimensional) load trucking service for clients’ oversized and heavy hauling needs. We are a trusted heavy haul transportation service that promises to safely transport clients’ cargo from start to finish”

Leaders in Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy haul involves the management of heavy loads and includes everything from raw materials like steel, lumber, industrial machinery and prefabricated structures. We have access to a fleet of purpose-built trucks that can move anything our clients need moved. NATS can help you with all kinds of heavy haul needs, no matter how unique they are.

  • Heavy haul concerns providing hauling services for anything that exceeds the legal maximum weight (46,000# approx.) or maximum dimensions permissible for over the road shipments.
  • NATS selects the right equipment for the job be it multi-axle equipment, b-trains or some form of specialized equipment as determined by NATS professionals.
  • Examples of other heavy haul services NATS can supply include steel-related such as – coil, stainless plate, I-beam’s, h-beams, roll-formed product, helical piles to name a few of the types of products we ship that exceed maximum weight permissible.
  • Construction Equipment Transportation:
    NATS often works with large construction companies and builders to help them with their heavy haul needs for all kinds of specialized construction equipment such as tractors, cranes, metal beams and other prefab materials.

At NATS, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We are one of the few heavy haul trucking companies in Canada and the United States that goes the extra mile for our clients.
If you are looking to transport cargo that doesn’t fit on a standard flatbed, then NATS is the service partner to contact. We offer a large variety of multi-axle configurations and have the capacity to transport heavy haul loads of up to 100,000 kg. Get in touch now

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