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Safe, Reliable, and Cost-Effective cargo transport service that offers specialized flatbed delivery trucks for all types of cargo loads.

Complete Flatbed Delivery Solutions

NATS is a leading Flatbed Transportation Service Provider. We offer end to end ground transportation and supply chain solutions through our extensive network of carriers and trucking services. We work with all kinds of large and small businesses across Canada and the United States to help them move freight in a quick and safe manner.

We have a large network of flatbed transportation carriers located in all major cities and provide various types of flatbed transport services. Flatbed trucks are ideal for moving large loads of cargo, heavy machinery, and materials that would not fit in other vehicles.
NATS specializes in working partnering with flatbed transport companies operating throughout North America.

Client Focused

We are cost-efficient, compliant, and reliable. NATS provides a multi-faceted long-haul transport service with proven expertise across different supply chain verticals. Our clients trust us because we take complete responsibility for delivering their cargo on time.
Our operational staff and network of carriers work together to deliver great transport services. We ensure quality control and accuracy at every stage of delivery.

An Innovative Transport Broker

NATS is proud of our ability to innovate and apply cutting edge solutions in the supply chain industry. Our clients benefit from our innovation and expertise as we help them reduce delivery costs and keep track of their cargo more effectively.

The experts at NATS will always find the best solution for our clients, using our intellectual and technology-based resources on a daily basis.
We offer a variety of client relationships, including Traditional & Dedicated Brokerage, Advanced Logistics Solutions, and Complete Transportation Management. NATS is committed to providing the highest level of customer service for each and every client.

NATS offers clients a variety of transportation options including large open deck flatbeds.

Working with the Best Flatbed Transportation Companies in Canada and the United States.

NATS offers one of the most advanced and reliable delivery services in Canada and the United States. We offer services across many verticals


  • Steel Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Building products
  • Automotive products
  • Industrial equipment

NATS offers excellent flatbed transportation solutions throughout Canada and the United States. We work with a large number of flatbed trucking companies and carriers in Canada and the United States to deliver cargo according to our customers needs. Get in touch with us now to find out how we can help

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