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The logistics involved in facilitating construction equipment transport via flatbed requires a company with a proven track record of safe, reliable, affordable delivery. NATS Canada is a 3PL company with expertise in coordinating all types of flatbed transport including construction equipment shipping.  We can oversee your end-to-end ground transportation needs in collaboration with our vast network of flatbed transport companies across Canada and the United States. The demands on such carriers have never been greater, so it’s critical for businesses requiring such services to work with a company known for having a solid reputation amongst flatbed transportation carriers.
flatbed transport companies
Rules and regulations are in constant flux, especially when it comes to transporting large loads across borders. As an experienced 3PL provider, NATS Canada can ensure all your shipping is being conducted in a safe manner with a focus on regulatory compliance. Our team works will all kind of businesses requiring flatbed transport solutions, including construction equipment transport. Regardless of the pickup location, eventual destination, or the amount of ground needed to be covered during transport, NATS Canada can quickly mobilize the right equipment and professional drivers from flatbed transport companies across the country or across the continent.


The process involved in construction equipment transport begins when the NATS Canada teams does a thorough analysis of the request. We want to build an effective plan that starts by securing the right flatbed trailers. Whether you’re moving loads of cargo, construction equipment, heavy machinery, or any other type of oversized load, NATS Canada will make sure your shipping is handled with meticulous care. Working closely with our partners in the shipping industry allows us to find the solutions other 3PL can’t; no job is too big or too small for our team of professionals. Our goal is to ensure your shipping needs are handled professionally and in a stress-free manner.

We offer versatile options for shipping your goods, from full truckload shipping to LTL and heavy haul. Each particular type of shipping has its own challenges; our team has the experience to make the right choices for each option.


NATS Canada provides a multi-faceted long-haul transport service with a reputation build of successful project management. We only work with the best flatbed transport companies; because of the volume of our business, we are able to leverage the best prices to help you get your shipping done on time and on-budget. If we determine an LTL solution is best for your needs, we can quickly coordinate with our shipping partners to ensure your goods find the right carrier.

When it comes to construction equipment shipping, NATS Canada can handle everything from escorts to route planning to securing proper documents required to transport large loads. We handle it all; you tell us what you need, and we will coordinate the shipment. Our transport solutions are customizable to suit any client and any time of flatbed transportation.

Using our intellectual and technology-based resources, we can craft a cutting-edge solution designed for your particular need. Working with our partners, we can safely track all loads to ensure you know exactly where your cargo is along the route. We also help foster a variety of client relationships, including Traditional and Dedicated Brokerage, Advanced Logistics Solutions, and Complete Transportation management.
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We’ve got all the verticals covered, including the following:

  • Steel Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Building products
  • Automotive products
  • Industrial equipment

As an experience 3PL provider, NATS Canada carefully considers the specifications of your load prior to arranging transport. We want to put together the best route, ensuring a safe trip with minimal risks. Our experts will ensure you get the best construction equipment shipping available. Connect with us to discuss all your shipping needs.


How should I prepare my construction equipment for transport? Is there anything I must do before it leaves the port?

At NATS Canada, all preparations begin with an inspection of the equipment before loading. We take an analytical approach to transporting your construction equipment, making sure we have arranged the right flatbed for the job. We then ensure the move is conducted within the proper guidelines, ensuring regulatory compliance is strictly adhered to. We arrange all the proper paperwork depending on the type of carrier being used and the type of equipment being transported. No detail is too small.

How are products loaded and unloaded onto flatbeds?

There are multiple ways to load products onto a flatbed. However, there is no singular right way. The job has to be analyzed to ensure the best loading and unloading solutions are considered. That could mean using a forklift, a pump truck, or even a crane in instances where cargo is large, heavy, or oversized. All cargo then has to be properly secured to avoid any risk during transport.

What is the maximum height allowed for a load transported on open deck or flatbed trucks?

There are many obstacles on the road that have to be considered with transporting goods on a flatbed. The maximum standard height on an open deck or flatbed truck is 102 inches. Regardless of the height, a 3PL provider like NATS Canada will map out the entire route to ensure there are no low bridges or train trestles that c could impede the safe transport of the load.

Do you use chains, straps, or both for your flatbed trailers?

Securing the load prior to transport is of paramount importance. Safety is always our first concern, and we work with our transportation partners to ensure every load is handled safely. Depending on what we’re transporting, we secure loads with chains, straps, or both. Mitigating risk on the road is always taken into account.

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