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International freight Shipping Using 3PL Services

International air freight and ocean freight volumes continue to grow, despite challenges arising from the pandemic, changes in governments, and the implementation of many global import tariffs designed to protect domestic interests. As a result of those challenges, it becomes more important than ever to contract the services of professional international freight shipping companies with the capability of manoeuvring those cloudy waters. NATS Canada is one of the top international shipping companies in Canada, with vast experience in not only ground transportation but also the coordination and delivery of shipping goods across international borders.
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Not all international freight companies have the capacity to coordinate cross-border shipping by land, sea and air. Some international freight companies prefer to focus on specific modes of international transport. NATS Canada is a fully licensed and vastly experienced 3PL provider that has built a reputation for providing clients from every sector with safe, reliable, and affordable supply change management solutions related to transport. Whether than means cost-effective delivery service from Canada to the USA or from North America to the four corners of the globe, we have the team of experienced professionals at the ready to handle all logistics including vitally important administration related to proper documentation. Shipping internationally requires strict compliance to ensure shipments pass through export and import procedures smoothly, so that means ensuring certificates of origin, packing lists, commercial invoices, material safety data sheets, and fumigation certificates are in order. It also means understanding each country’s restrictions related to hazardous materials, copyright and trademark infringement, customs regulations and fees, and culturally sensitive materials. In short, it’s better to trust such details to international logistics companies like NATS Canada rather than delegating it to some internal person without the expertise to do the job effectively.


The emergence of intermodal marketing companies that expanded their operation to provide such services as warehousing, packaging, and financial management laid the foundation for today’s 3PL companies. NATS Canada has become an industry leader offering four primary pillars of third-party logistics services:

  • Sourcing of appropriate equipment to make the process of shipping cargo easy for business, manufacturers, construction, automotive and steel companies
  • Supply chain solutions from raw materials and manufacturing to the end customer or consumer.
  • Strong relationships across all relevant sectors backed by top-notch customer service to ensure the most cost-effective, safe and reliable delivery service.
  • In-house logistics management that provides companies with a viable, experienced option rather than hiring their own staff.

When you’re in the market for the services of international freight shipping companies and logistics companies, choose the best; choose NATS Canada. Our network of international shipping companies in Canada allows us to provide safe, reliable, competitive ground transportation, while our team of experts can coordinate all other shipping needs to and from international destinations using any of the following options:


Intermodal gives you greater control, security, visibility and peace of mind over every load. We proudly provide premium service levels that include industry-leading on-time performance and better access to rail capacity at better prices—not to mention, the kind of service our customers have come to count on.

Our strong relationships and experience with our rail providers grant you better access to more services and lane options. Plus, we have access to rail freight containers, initiating ramps and dray—so we can keep closer tabs on your shipment.

Factor in that intermodal transportation also provides dramatic savings in fuel costs and consumption—rail transportation being three times more energy efficient than truck transport—and, like that, NATS becomes your obvious one stop shopping provider.


Shipping your international freight by sea can be a challenge for any business. At NATS we understand the complexities involved with international sea freight and the differing trade communities. By allowing NATS to assist as your “global logistics consultant” you are ensured a “hassle-free” top-of-the-line service. Our objectives are to achieve, amongst other things, competitive rates and optimum transit times, while providing on-time and safe delivery of your containerized or break bulk freight.

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From North America to China, NATS can import and export your product around the world, from a single small skid to a container load. Our skilled consultants can get as involved as your needs dictate; we can offer a complete global freight management consultancy service – both import and export – or simply provide an AIR cargo service that gets your goods where you want them, anywhere in the world, in the required time frame. Always customer-driven, our approach to your unique requirements, continual investment and our refreshing “can-do” attitude provides a benchmark to which we constantly aspire throughout our organization.

Trust your international freight to a fully licensed and insured Canadian company. NATS CANADA!


Which international freight option should I choose?

Your best option will be determined by the timing of your shipping, the speed at which you require delivery, the location and country, and the type of commodity being shipped. NATS Canada will provide you with a customized solution based on your needs and the details of the shipment.
How much money can I expect to save using NATS Canada international logistics services?

Based on our past history of providing professional international 3PL services, your company could save anywhere from 5-35%. At NATS Canada, we pride ourselves on our ability to maximize client budgets and reap the benefits of our network of logistics experts.
What countries do you ship to?

As a 3PL company we service all of North America. We can also work with you when you require international shipping outside of North America.
How long does international shipping take?

Outside of any unexpected disruption to international supply chains caused by events like pandemics or political climates, international shipments on average take 20 to 45 days from pickup to delivery.

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