LTL Trucking and Shipping Company

LTL Trucking and Shipping Company

“NATS offers a nation-wide network of less than truckload (LTL) delivery services for various cargo loads. Our flatbed and dry van carriers deliver reliable and cost-effective delivery solutions for businesses looking to ship LTL cargo quickly at a low cost.”

Cost-Effective LTL Shipping

Less-than-truckload cargo only occupies a limited amount of space and weight on the delivery vehicle. NATS quotes a price to the client based on the following five factors.

  1. The total weight of the freight being shipped.
  2. The dimensions of the freight.
  3. Total distance to travel for delivering the freight.
  4. The type of service being used. For example, urgent freight delivery would charge more than standard service.
  5. The type of cargo being delivered. If it requires specialized handling or specific delivery requirements, the cost would reflect these particular requests.

Shipping Advantages of NATS LTL Trucking Services

Looking for a LTL trucking companies? NATS has built a great reputation for delivering cost-effective, quick, and reliable solutions for our customers. When you work with NATS, you can count on the following key benefits:

  1. Competitive Charges: We offer an LTL trucking service that is low cost and saves money for our clients. NATS works with a large network of LTL trucking companies in Canada and the United States. We promote healthy competition between our carriers so that they provide the lowest costs for our clients.
  2. Flexible Unmatched Service: Our LTL shipping service is highly customizable and built around client needs. We offer a range of LTL shipment options through our network for destinations scattered across Canada and the U.S.
  3. Quick Delivery: Quick and timely delivery is the defining feature of NATS shipping service. We understand that time is of the essence for clients that place LTL orders. When you work with us, you won’t have to wait long for delivery to reach its destination. Every order is treated as urgent and we will ensure that your cargo gets to its final destination as soon as possible.
  4. Pick up/Delivery Assistance: Assistance in the pick-up and delivery can be very useful when you are looking to ship cargo to multiple destinations. Our carrier network offers additional service options such as cross docking, sorting of cargo, pallet jacks, and lift gate loading/unloading. Please note that additional charges may apply for handling.

Client-Focused LTL Shipping Service

NATS is the market leader for LTL freight shipping service in Canada and the U.S. Whether you are a business start-up looking to move one skid across the country or a large business looking to ship 500 LTL shipments a month, we offer the perfect solutions based on your needs.

If your business carries out LTL freight shipments often, we provide an advanced booking system that makes the process of online freight booking much easier and quicker. There is no additional cost associated with using our LTL freight shipping system. For trusted LTL trucking companies in Canada and the USA, contact the NATS team now.

“NATS offers the most competitive and cost-effective LTL freight delivery system you can get for your cargo shipment”

When Should You Use LTL Freight Shipping?

When you have less than a full load of your own freight and you’re not looking to pay for the cost of a full trailer, LTL is your best option. LTL is also an option when your shipment delivery time is not urgent.

If you are looking to book a cargo-hauling service but not sure whether you should get an LTL or FTL service then get in touch with our service. Our experts will help you decide whether you should get a full truckload or less than truckload truck for your cargo delivery.

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