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Simplifying the Shipping Process for Heavy Agricultural Equipment

There’s a lot of work involved in getting your farmed good to your tables. Farmers carry enormous workloads growing and transporting raw goods to ensure the nation gets fed. Before they can tend to the fields, however, other carriers are responsible for delivering heavy agricultural equipment to farms across the continent. Some of them are heavy haul carriers Ontario.

The task of heavy equipment shipping related to agricultural needs is an important one in the overall supply chain. Without new and innovative equipment, the agricultural industry could suffer. Finding ways to simplify the process of moving heavy agricultural equipment across land is vital to the farming community. That’s why many companies rely on 3PL companies like NATS Canada, a company that understands what’s involved in heavy equipment shipping Canada.

Shipping Heavy Agriculture Equipment Made Easy

When your company is looking to ship agricultural equipment and farm machinery across the country, it becomes necessary to employ the services of experts in shipping and logistics. These giant sprayers, seeders, tractors, combines, tillage equipment, excavators, soil compactors and other specialized farming equipment present real challenges to trucking firms and 3PL providers who connect manufacturers with farmers. With the coordinated efforts provided by our team at NATS Canada, heavy equipment shipping is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Get your quote. NATS Canada will need to know what type of machinery is being shipped, where it’s coming from and where it’s going before reaching out to transportation partners for a quote. To ship these oversized loads, NATS Canada will require accurate information including length, width, height and weight of each piece of machinery. Other questions, like is it on wheels or is it self-propelled, can also be considered. Once all those details are provided, NATS Canada can work quickly to get the best possible rate for heavy equipment shipping Canada.
  2. Before any shipping can be completed, all agricultural equipment and farm machinery must be prepared for the journey. Any company tasked with moving the equipment in question must be capable of properly loading the equipment safely onto the flatbed. If it’s not on wheels, forklifts or cranes must be available to ensure the load is properly placed on the chosen flatbed. Securing the equipment prior to transport is also critical. Every step must be properly taken to ensure the heavy equipment shipping is carried out in compliance with Canadian regulations that govern the industry.
  3. Once you have your chosen carrier, your quote, and your equipment properly loaded, it’s time to ship it across the country or the continent. Proper documentation must be prepared by heavy haul carriers Ontario for any load headed across the border. NATS Canada employs a team of professionals who are well-versed in international shipping rules and regulations.

Trust NATS Canada to Get the Job Done Correctly

Regardless of whether you’re shipping equipment from the manufacturer to the farm or to farm equipment dealers, NATS Canada can take care of everything from start to finish. Trust NATS Canada to safely move any type of heavy agricultural equipment anywhere in Canada.

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