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Some Lesser Known Facts Regarding Flatbed Trucking

NATS Canada is a leading Canadian 3PL provider with vast expertise in moving freight using flatbed equipment. Flatbeds are usually the best choice for industrial, construction, oversized and overweight freight given their open, no roof construction. Companies that move a lot of freight know the usefulness of the flatbed. Here are a few more lesser known facts to consider for flatbed trucking companies in Ontario.

  1. Weather patterns across North America are as diverse as the regions and countries themselves. As a result, weather can play a huge role in flatbed shipping. Companies that manage a fleet of flatbeds can struggle with fleet optimization given the unpredictability of weather and its effects on certain cargos. Flatbed shipping can be cyclical and seasonal, making it tough on drivers looking for stable gigs with their rigs and even tougher on flatbed shipping companies in Toronto and elsewhere looking to maintain enough staff for sudden increases in demand.
  2. More than 14 different types of flatbed trucks. All of them are versatile, which make them a go-to choice for 3PL providers like NATS Canada. Google flatbed shipping companies near me, trucking companies near me or 3PL companies near me when you’re in the GTA and you’re bound to find a number of trucking companies using multiple different kinds of flatbed carriers. From LTL freight to oversized industrial machinery, flatbeds are the way to go.
  3. Depending on the load, flatbed shipments might require additional vehicles to help them make their deliveries. For example, over dimensional flatbed loads like windmill blades or construction cranes could require pilot vehicles, along with signs to be in compliance and additional securement methods. Safety is paramount for flatbeds hauling these types of over-land cargo. Load securement rules in Ontario are strict.
  4. Both Canadian and American trucking laws have very specific requirements when it comes to securing large flatbed loads for ground transportation – and with good reason. Insecure or improperly stacked cargo like giant steel pipes or coils of steel pose a serious safety hazard to the average driver sharing the same highway. The rules are in place and heavily enforced to ensure there are load limits and standardized methods of cargo securement.

Trucking Companies in Ontario Trust NATS Canada

Regardless of the type of flatbed carrier you need, NATS Canada is a top choice of flatbed shipping companies in Toronto and across the province. We have a proven track record of providing safe, secure and versatile transportation solutions. Our network of over 5,000 carriers means we can quickly and affordable deliver the kind of transportation service you require. We specialized in flatbed trucking solutions for all kinds of cargo slated for pick-up and delivery across North America. Consider us the next time you require professional 3PL solutions.

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