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Specials Permits Required to Transport Oversize Loads

Not everything that requires shipping across the country fits nicely into a rail car or a trailer. There are some things that, given the enormity of their size, require the expertise of a transportation company used to hauling oversized loads. Those are the kind of jobs that require the services of Heavy Haul companies like NATS Canada.

Special Restrictions for Oversized Loads

The Highway Traffic Act (HTA) requires heavy haul transport companies to secure an oversize/overweight permit when the dimensions or weight of a vehicle exceeds the normal limits permitted by legislation. Other modes of transport, such as rail, air or water, can be considered when planning a movement that exceeds the allowable limits set by the HTA. However, heavy haul trucking companies contracted to move oversized loads across provincial roads must ensure they are in compliance when attempting to do so. That means no load wider than 3.7 metres on a two-lane highway, or 3.85 meters on multi-lane highways. No load can be longer than 25 metres for combination vehicles or 12.5 metres for single vehicles. And regardless of length, nothing can be transported over a maximum height of 4.26 metres. There are also weight restrictions that can apply.

Secure the Permits to Get the Job

Regardless of the dimensions of the over-size load they may be hauling, all heavy haul carriers in Ontario must complete the application, which is available online. Prior to obtaining an oversize/over dimensional permit, heavy haul trucking companies may have to meet other requirements in order to get permission to travel in Ontario. These could include ensuring they have their CVOR (Commercial Vehicle Operators Registration), or ensure they meet the National Safety Code. In addition, companies that may be hauling such loads across borders will have to comply with similar regulations and secure permits required in the USA and Mexico.

In truth, these type of transportation jobs can be difficult. Depending on the size of the load, police escorts may be required, along with the use of pilot vehicles. Planning is a big part of the move, as surveys and routing will need to be done in advance to ensure the route can handle the size of the load. This includes accounting for such things as bridges that may span the roadway; tall loads have to be able to fit underneath for an oversize load to get to its destination.

No matter what you’re shipping, work with a company like NATS Canada to ensure you’re dealing with a company with years of experience and expertise moving cargo across Canada and beyond. Learn more. Visit NATS Canada.

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