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The Advantages of a 3PL for Flatbed Shippers

For companies that rely on ground transportation to move their goods and equipment, flatbed shipping is critical to making it happen. Flatbed shipping provides dimensional flexibility for large freight since there are no walls or ceilings to restrict cargo size; they also allow for ease in loading and unloading. Working with a qualified 3PL provider is also a great way to ensure you’re shipping with the best flatbed trucking companies in Ontario.

Advantages of Using 3PL Services to Coordinate Flatbed Trucking

Heavy haul trucking equipment like step decks, double drops, and RGNs are normally the common choice for flatbed shippers regardless of what their freight may be. However, finding the right flatbed trucking companies to work with when booking those options is easier when working with qualified 3PL providers. Industries including manufacturing, construction, and mining rely heavily on flatbed shipping for long haul loads. Working with third-party logistics providers provides shippers with expertise and flexibility. Here’s how:

3PL Expertise Helps Flatbed Shippers

You’ve got a large, oversized, hard to haul load that needs shipping. Rather than give the task of arranging the right shipping company to the wrong person in your company, you put your trust in a 3PL company. Why? The obvious reason is that a long-established 3PL provider has the expertise required to make the best decisions when it comes to choosing the best mode of transportation. Using a vast network of shipping companies, a 3PL can help reduce your shipping costs by virtue of the volume of business they bring to each shipping company; the team of experts at your 3PL can also ask all the right questions about the best flatbed choices, and can work with the best flatbed trucking companies in Ontario to ensure your load is being handled properly

Working with 3PLs reduces your risk, because they take on all the safety and risk management required to more loads. There can be a large amount of liability attached to over-dimensional loads, and the 3PL can help mitigate risks that could spell disaster should something go wrong. Your 3PL will ensure compliance with all local rules and regulations associated with when shipping large loads. A respected 3PL company should have a network of qualified carriers at its disposal to ensure you get the right company for your needs. That includes things like flexible credit terms and ease of payment when it comes to invoicing and payables. Ensuring quick payment is as important as ensuring quick delivery of freight.

Choose NATS CANADA For Optimal Flatbed Shipping

The NATS Canada team is committed to ensuring clients receive the best customer service no matter what type of flatbed shipping you require. NATS Canada has many years of experience providing 3PL services to customers across Canada and North America.

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