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The Basics of International Freight Shipping Explained

As a 3PL provider, NATS Canada’s primary focus is international shipping between Canada and the United States. Expanding your business to other markets often means finding the best company to handle your shipping needs, and no one does that better than international logistics companies.

There is much to learn when it comes to shipping freight internationally. International shipping companies in Canada are well-versed in all the necessary rules, regulations, available shipping lanes and sometimes cultural details that have to be considered. Just like NATS Canada has the expertise to handle all North American shipping requests, international freight companies have developed their own level of expertise when it comes to moving goods to other continents. Here are a few basic protocols when it comes to shipping freight internationally.

  • Given the long distances, it’s vitally important that any freight shipments include an address of origin and a clear destination address. Depending on the country, the format of the actually street address may look entirely “foreign.” It’s important to ensure your destination address is written in a way that anyone tasked with local delivery can fully understand where the shipment is headed. All international logistics companies should have the expertise to properly mark your destination address.
  • Just like you can’t expect to ship endangered reptiles to the United States without mounds of required paperwork, shipping freight to other countries has to adhere to local guidelines. There are many country-specific rules that regulate things like precious diamonds, archeological pieces, ammunition and various meats and manufactured food items. Governments of individual countries determine what you can and can’t ship, and contravening those guidelines could lead to fines or, in some situations, criminal charges. Be certain your products are eligible to be received in the country you’re targeting.
  • You’ve got to determine your best option for shipping whether that’s air freight or ocean. International shipping companies in Canada can help you quickly determine the best option in terms of reliability and cost. Shipping by ship is obviously the slower route than direct air transport, but it can be more affordable. Air freight is often best when shipping smaller quantities that require more temperature-controlled shipping.


The goods and services transported between Canada and the US each day is astronomical. In non-Covid times, it amounts to over $2 billion worth of goods every day. International freight shipping companies like NATS Canada have the processes down to a science, but just because the Canada/US border offers a trade-friendly access, there are still mounds of rules and regulations governing shipping between the two trade partners. The team at NATS Canada can handle all your shipping needs, whether you’re just starting to expand to other markets or have been looking for new ways to handle your ongoing logistics.

NATS Canada is a trusted 3PL company offering the best North American trucking services through our experienced dispatch and operations team. We offer businesses and individuals a way to place orders and track shipments from a single point of contact. Operating out of Mississauga and connected across the continent, NATS Canada can help ensure your freight makes it there on-time and in-budget whether it’s domestic or international.

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