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Things You Should Know About Flatbed Trucking

There might be absolutely no reason for your company to care about the inherent challenges involved in flatbed shipping. Perhaps all your shipping requirements can be handled in a cargo van. For companies requiring the movement of oversized loads, from industrial components to huge construction machinery, there are definitely things they need to know about flatbed trucking.

For starters, the job of a flatbed trucker is not an easy one. There are enormous logistics involved in moving oversized loads along public roadways; there are also varying levels of danger. It’s why such tasks require the skills of experienced drivers and knowledgeable flatbed trucking companies in Ontario. Flatbed trucking is normally required for any oversized cargo that extends beyond the parameters of flatbed or that won’t fit within an enclosed trailer. While oversize legal dimensions vary from country to country and state to state, a typical legal dimension would be approximately 25 metres long (85 feet) and 2.5 metres (8.5 feet) wide. These flatbed trucking options allow companies to move a variety of different oversized cargo, including:

  • Trees and lumber from logging operations
  • Giant pipes and oversized steel coils
  • Vehicles and equipment
  • Mobile homes / portable structures
  • Heavy construction and mining equipment
  • Windmill blades

Loading, securing, and tarping oversized loads is critical to ensuring the safe transportation of goods. Loads must be properly balanced to ensure flatbed freight shipping is conducted in as safe a manner as possible to avoid tipping. Securing any tarp required to cover loads so it doesn’t fly off during transport, potentially putting other vehicles at risk, is also necessary for some loads.

There are many advantages to flatbed trucking. For drivers, there are pay incentives for possessing the skills necessary to safely guide oversized loads to their destinations. The challenging aspects of the job make it a little more engaging than a typical freight shipping job driving a truck. For clients, the options provided by flatbed trucking companies in Ontario and across the country make it a much more versatile form of ground transportation. Conversely, due to the difficulty in coordinating the transport of oversized loads, not only through choosing the right trailer but all the logistics involved in arranging escorts and mapping routes, flatbed freight shipping has much stricter regulations. Companies must ensure they are complying with load limits, proper trailer sizes, load balancing measures, and other safety components. It’s important to always work with a licensed, experienced 3PL like NATS Canada to help ensure you’re in compliance.


When you’re in the market for oversized shipping, trust NATS Canada to help get your freight where it needs to go safely and affordably. NATS Canada is a professional 3PL provider than can coordinate all aspects of your oversized shipping needs. Whether it’s across Canada or across the continent, our team will ensure your load arrives safely and on time.

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