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Top Reasons Why Companies Are Turning to 3PLs

New demands from consumers and shippers across the continent continue to reshape the logistics industry. Evolving trends toward increasing use of third party logistics (3PL) companies are having profound effects on everyone from manufacturers to heavy haul trucking companies.

Top Reasons for the Increasing Use Of 3PLs

Proactive companies are always striving to find ways to better serve their customers. 3PL companies are becoming the standard partner for everyone from local independent shippers to huge Fortune 500 companies for many reasons. For starters, 3PLs essentially work as talent brokers, compiling a network of talented service providers – including heavy haul trucking companies – to ensure they are able to handle all types of requests. This ever-growing and evolving network of service providers gives 3PLs access to thousands of different trucks, each with their own unique load capabilities and service areas. This allows a 3PL closely aligned with heavy haul carriers Ontario to be equally capable of arranging heavy haul trucking for businesses across North America.

One of the most attractive benefits to working with 3PLs as a result is the fact they are able to reduce costs by saving time and increasing efficiencies, serving as a one-stop-shop for all logistics operations. A credible 3PL should be able to service any industry, and have partners across Canada, the United States and even into Mexico and beyond. Shippers that rely on their 3PL partners for logistics quickly discover they can help improve data-driven decision making, allowing for greater success of supply chain activities. Shippers that handle logistics internally can be wasting huge amounts of labour time manually entering data and coordinating the movement of freight. By contracting a 3PL, you can expedite the process, speeding up the day to day freight operations and reducing the time it takes to handle logistics. Here is How 3PL Companies Are Keeping Up with Warehouse Automation Trends

Ultimately, fully outsourcing your logistics operations to a well-established 3PL company like NATS Canada means you instantly gain access to a strong customer service network. With a full team of logistics experts working for you, your company can stay ahead of potential changes in the industry or challenges based on weather, supply chain issues or even governmental inconsistencies. Let your 3PL company help you manage costs, improve service and improve reliability.

Save Time, Money by Using a 3PL Provider

The cost reductions achieved using a 3PL are a top reason to turn to third party logistics companies for your freight and shipping needs. Turn your day to day freight management over to a company that relies on strong established relationships rather than transactional ones. Satisfy your heavy haul trucking needs.

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